When a Career in SEO should be considered?

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Search Engine Optimization, SEO, for short, is not some skill that you can learn and acquire by attending a particular degree in a school, college or university. If you happen to meet an SEO expert and inquire from him/her about the journey of their career, you will be surprised to learn that the path to becoming an SEO expert is no less than a complicated maze.

Career In SEO
However, the demand for SEO experts refuses to surge down with more than half of small to medium businesses citing SEO as one of their primary requirements for hiring.

There are a lot of SEO courses available but only the best SEO course will teach you as to what exactly are the attributes of Search Engine Optimization and how you can be skillful in the same. However, SEO course is deemed as a mandatory requirement for candidates interested in the position of SEO experts. Taking up a course in SEO is enough to build a fundamental base and to make you know as to whether SEO is for you or not.

One of the principal reasons as to why not many individuals go forward with a career in Search Engine Optimization is that it is ever-changing. Google is the uncrowned king in the world of search engines and hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that for becoming an SEO expert one must be a Google expert as well. Every year Google releases a few minor or some major updates to the Google’s search engine algorithm.

Apart from being familiar with any such updates, an SEO expert has to keep track of a lot of other associated elements as SEO has, almost, become synonymous with Google. You must have heard bloggers claiming that their page ranking on Google has improved. What do they mean by this? This means they have employed Search Engine Optimization techniques effectively and as a result, more traffic came on their posts leading to an improvement in page ranking on Google.

SEO is all about ranking good on Google and with a tremendous number of relative websites in the market; it becomes extremely arduous and demanding to fall in the first page of a Google search.

Moreover, if particular SEO settings are working well for an organization; it doesn’t mean that the same settings will work well for other organization. Speaking of metrics to calculate SEO requirements, again Google comes into the picture as their tool Google Analytics is extremely useful in SEO. Apart from Google Analytics, there is no other industry standard set for SEO. Hence, most individuals dread a career in SEO.

However, if you have an abundance of the below-mentioned attributes in you then you can be extremely good in SEO and can take advantage of the tremendous demand for SEO experts.

Reasons to Deliberate a Career in SEO

Here are some of the top reasons why you should look for career in SEO-

You are, absolutely, amazing with your vocabulary and words

If you happen to have a fantastic vocabulary tend to learn new words frequently then, my dear friend, you are a perfect candidate for becoming an SEO expert. This is because SEO involved nothing other than an excerpt which is written beautifully.

So, if you can write well, you can perform well by choosing a career in SEO. Words and the way you use them are your only weapons in SEO. If you happen to convey well to the people as to what your website holds then, by default, you will attract more traffic on your website and your page ranking will improve drastically because people love to read what you write.

You keep yourself aware of the digital news and upcoming trends in the digital market

Each and every SEO expert must be crazy for knowledge. SEO is an industry which changes rapidly and what could be working today might not work the very next day. Hence, staying updated is the key to become a successful SEO expert. You can take part in relative online discussions and forums which happen to share information about current developments in the relative industry.

You have a dual talent for words and analytics

Now, this combination is extremely difficult to find. This is because an analytical person is, usually, not good in words and a person good in words is, usually, not at all analytical. But, if you happen to possess the dual talent of words and analytics then, my dear friend, you must not think any further and give your career a heavy kick start in Search Engine Optimization.

Both words and numbers are extremely vital for anybody who is looking to become an SEO expert.

You have sufficient knowledge on designing a great user experience

Please note that SEO without proper design is, absolutely, nothing. Imagine you are visiting your friend’s website who is highly professional and experienced in developing good SEO strategies. When the website gets loaded you are surprised to find cluttered icons and a hazy design. Even for navigating from one page to another it takes a tremendous deal of efforts from your side.

Will you ever visit that website again?

The answer is a simple NO!

You will prefer a well-designed and clean website for your task. So, it really doesn’t matter how much you optimize the SEO for your website. If your design is ridiculous you won’t get to see any results. Hence, if you are considering to become an SEO expert, please keep in mind that you must have ample knowledge as to how to construct a well-designed website that is powerful and robust enough to enchant and entice its visitors and compel them to visit it again.


Becoming an SEO expert is not an easy task and it requires a person to put in a tremendous amount of efforts to become the same. However, the current demand for SEO makes it clear that an expert in the field will, indeed, receive job security as well as payment relatively higher than his/her peers.

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