5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Result

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, October 13, 2017
If you are planning on launching a video marketing plan on the internet, then doing it on Instagram will surely get you all the attention that you need. Instagram today has grown into a top social networking site with over half a billion monthly active users and more than 2 billion new photos being shared.

5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Result
Not only that, in case you didn’t know, Instagram has now increased their video limit from 15 seconds to a whopping 60 seconds. With the increased time, marketers can now fit all of the necessary content in order to properly promote their products and increase or Buy Views. There are many service companies like socialproof.xyz who provide such kind of services and you can get in touch for the professional services.

Top 5 Instagram Video Marketing Tips for Best Results

To make things exciting and more convenient for you, here are 5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Result.

1. Know your Audience

Social networking sites are filled with people from different countries and culture. Thus, it is very important that you know your target audience. Knowing about their culture is very important – their social norms and taboos, as well as their language. There have been a lot of cases where video ads failed miserably because they failed to match their advertisement with their audience’s language. Study of proper translation, grammar, and sentence construction is very important in order for you to target a specific audience.

2. Make use of hashtags

Instagram also uses hashtags. Hashtags are tools that allow users to monitor and see similar posts or photos of other users that used the same hashtags. Thus, if you target a particular hashtag with lots of current traffic, then there is a very high chance that your advertisement will receive a lot of immediate exposure. Although you have to be careful on using a lot of hashtags at the same time as it may confuse other users and instead of gaining relevant traffic, your ad will be bombarded by negative comments and trolls.

3. Know the current trends

Ever heard of the trending topics and photos? By keeping up to date with them, you would be able to know which topics are interesting and popular. You can also narrow down your trending search to a specific region or country. By knowing these trends, you would be able to match the contents of your video ad that can potentially reach the trending charts.

4. Stay connected with your audience

As a marketer, it is very important that we keep our clients and customers happy. Thus, in the case of social media, you can keep your followers happy by staying in touch with them. A simple reply and comments can turn a regular follower to a very devoted and loyal follower – try it!

5. Reward System

Another trick to quickly increase your followers and also encourage them to stay on your profile is by giving out rewards. Small gift coupons, movie tickets, raffle tickets are just a few of the most popular rewards businesses and marketers use in getting more traffic in their video advertisements. As long as you keep them updated with these rewards, your followers will always be checking out your page and your ads, thus, creating constant traffic for you.

Wrapping it up!

These were the 5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Result. Follow these proven Instagram video marketing tips for creating and scaling your Instagram marketing.

If you got any better Instagram Video Marketing Tips, share with us!
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