3 Reasons To Keep Your HR Department Trained On The Latest Employment Trends

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Running a business is tough work. It is challenging enough to keep up with the latest trends in your industry but to stay abreast of human resources related policies and laws can be a nightmare if that is not your area of expertise. If you have employees designated to working with the HR aspects of your business, you are in a great position.

However, if you are unable to afford to hire human resources professionals to manage aspects of your business such as employee time and attendance, payroll, or benefits, it is a good idea to outsource this to a firm such as elliswhittam.com. It is critical to your success and this article will highlight some of the reasons that it is imperative to keep your HR department trained and on top of the latest employment trends.

1. Gamification is a highly popular way to train employees

It is true. While we like video games at home, training companies are getting smart and building programs that include gamification as a way to train on topics of importance.

Whether the training is about corporate sexual harassment policies or employee rules and regulations, gaming is a great way for people to learn about the serious subject matter in a way that is engaging and can be fun. Be prepared to continue to see gamification used as a way to train employees for years to come.

2. Mobile device training

It is true. People are spending so much time on their mobile devices that corporations are adding their training to mobile devices. Now you can take your training from the comfort of your own home by using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. It is pretty amazing how technology has allowed for mobile devices to be utilized as a training tool.

E-learning continues to be vastly popular because of the flexibility it provides people. There is a lot of research to indicate that not everyone can learn in the same way which makes mobile training so attractive. Each person can choose how they want to engage with the necessary material that is being presented to them.

3. Ongoing performance reviews

This is a new concept but one that we have probably been practicing for decades. In the past, an employee was given an annual review that would outline their major projects for the year and how they performed in their position overall. Research indicates, however, that when reviews are done more often, they are more productive, and employees find them to be more valuable.

Many companies are beginning to invest in employee management software programs that allow them to create specific goals and outcomes for employees. While this is a great deal of work up front to set up such as system, you will find that you will have more employee output than ever before.

As with any industry, there are trends that come and go with each passing year. This year seems to be a popular one for the HR industry in regard to training and making customized performance plans for each employee.

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