7 best WordPress speed plugins to Speed Up Your Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Plugins allow you to add functionality and features to your website. They are a piece of software that can help your website to perform more efficiently.

A plugin may vary in its complexity depending upon its functionality. Some plugins are very simple and others are complex that performs a wide variety of tasks.

best WordPress speed plugins
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You integrate various plugins into your website depending upon your need. In this article, we give you 7 such plugins that can speed up your WordPress blog.

7 best WordPress speed Plugins to Speed your WP Blog

If you use WordPress CMS then you must try following 7 best WordPress speed plugins to enhance your site’s performance.

1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is one of the most popular cache plugins right now. There are more than 1 million active users for this plugin.
Salient features of WP Super cache are

  • This plugin generates static HTML files from a dynamic blog and serves to the web server instead of processing heavier WordPress PHP scripts.
  • Visitors of your site will notice no slowdown even when the server is down.
  • Super cached HTML files will be served faster than PHP generated caches files.
  • It supports multiple caching types Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and legacy.
  • It enables PHP caching, compress pages, cache rebuild, CDN support and Extra homepage checks.
  • Very easy to uninstall for the beginners.

2. WP Fastest Cache

Second best Plugin to speed up your blog in our list is WP Fastest Cache.

Actually, this plugin should be number one on our list.

It comes with all the great features and ease of use especially if you are a new user.

You just need to install, activate, run through the settings, save and you are all set to go.

There are over 300,000+ active users of this plugin.

Some of its features are-
  • Very easy to set up, unlike W3 Total Cache which needs expertise.
  • In just one click all cache files are deleted when a page is published.
  • Minify CSS and HTML
  • Admin can delete all cached files from options page, minified CSS and js files.
  • SSL support and CDN integration.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is a complete framework. It supports a huge variety of options and caching techniques.

Some of its most salient features are
  • Up to 10 times improvement in overall site performance.
  • An advanced support for the CloudFlare and various CDN services like MaxCDN.
  • Improved ranking for mobile friendly websites that uses SSL.
  • It is three in one. You get browser caching, database caching and object caching.
  • Improved Conversion rates and reduced page load time for the website.
  • It is compatible with shared hosting, virtual private and dedicated servers.

However, the W3 Total cache is not easy to set up because there are so many options to choose from. Hence it is only for the advanced users. But if you are a beginner and confused to setup this plugin, I will recommend you to go to Fiverr or other freelance sites and get it done at minimum cost.

4. WP Smush.it

WP Smush.it plugin is primarily designed to optimize images and remove unnecessary bytes from all the image files.

This plugin will scan every image you upload and scales them before adding it to the media library.

It also compresses all the images stored in other folders of your website.

Some other features are-
  • Trims all unused color from images and metadata from jpegs.
  • It can process all images files like JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
  • WP Smush.it works with all other plugins in the market.
  • Large image files will be automatically scaled before being added to the library.
  • Global and individual setting for multisite.
There are over 800,000 active installs for this particular plugin.

5. BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load plugin allows loading only specific elements that are needed. So instead of loading an entire page with a lot of images, it uploads only relevant parts of a given web page.

  • BJ Lazy load makes your site run faster and save a lot of bandwidth.
  • It scaled down images and videos without compromising responsive designs.
  • The plugin replaces all your images, thumbnails, gravatar, images and content iframes with a placeholder. It loads the content very fast whenever a user scrolls the page.
  • iframes also include embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • The Plugin is compatible with the RICG Responsive images.
  • It uses jQuery to function.
Around 50,000 people have installed this plugin.

6. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize cleans your WordPress database so it can run with maximum efficiency.
  • Removes all trash data like spam comments, unapproved comments, pingbacks, limit post revisions, trackbacks etc.
  • It will allow you to make space, take control of your website and keep it always clean. It will also show database statistics.
  • It will automatically carry out automatic cleanups weekly.
  • It performs optimization without any need for running manual queries.
  • Compact/defragment MySQL tables with just a press button.
  • Very mobile friendly plugin and easy to use.
  • It can be translated into several languages.

7. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler saves a lot of time because it takes few seconds to set up. It creates HTML files and stores them on server’s disk.

This plugin improves the performance of your website avoiding the resource intensive backend processes.

Some of its features are-
  • Very simple set up even beginners can use it.
  • Automated and manual clearing of the cache and purging of a cache of specific pages. Just one click to clear cache.
  • Displays actual cache size in your dashboard.
  • Minification of HTML and inline JavaScript.
  • It supports responsive images and compatible with Auto-optimize.
Although there are many other plugins to speed up your WordPress blog above mentioned 7 plugins are the best one. You can also check our best blogging tools to know more about the tools we use in blogging.

Some other best WordPress speed plugin that we missed in this article is WP DB Manager, WP Super Minify, Better WordPress Minify, P3 Plugin Profiler etc.
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