TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop: Which is best to Opt?

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If you are in professional blogging then you have to do all things accordingly to make an impact. The theme is one among those which should be chosen with utmost care. Usually, people uses whatever they get but this should not happen. We’re in 2016 and your themes should look according to it. It should not be what is used to be in 90’s.

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop

You can check our detailed article as how to select the best theme for your blog to know more about it.

Again, it comes should you use a free theme for premium one?

If you will ask me then you must use premium one. As premium theme has lots of features which are very much required for professional blogging and beneficial blogging. You can do lots of customization and support if you are using a premium theme. Let me talk share some of the features and advantages of using a premium theme.

Why should you use the premium theme?

Here are some of the features of premium themes which you will not get with the free version and to be in a professional blogging you need these features.

Why should you use the premium theme?

• Advanced Features- Premium themes always comes with lots of advanced features like inbuilt ad spaces, custom controls, buttons, slides etc. which makes you work very easy.

• SEO Optimized- This is much-needed features of any themes. Premium themes are optimized for SEO and so you don’t have to focus on basic SEO stuff like H1, H2 tags etc.

• Fast Loading- As blog load time is now a factor of SERP and so it matters a lot. Premium themes load fast compared to the free version. You should always focus to reduce blog load time as it helps to increase SERP as well as the sales conversions.

• Premium Support- Premium themes also comes with premium support feature. It can be either through email, chat, call or forums or through all but you will get support for sure. They have a dedicated forum for premium customers where you can get a solution for all your issues no matter it is related to design change or technical glitches.

• Regular Updates- Themes companies keep on updating their existing themes with new trends, features and if you have a premium theme, your theme will auto get upgraded if you connected to the account.

• Free from any malicious codes- This is one of the dangerous things for your site if you are using the premium themes for free. Those themes are usually cracked and many of those contain a virus which can harm your system as well as the site. Premium themes are free from such codes.

These are just a few of many features you get with a premium theme which can’t be found in any free themes and so you should go with the premium themes.

Top Premium WordPress Themes Developers

There are many companies which develop some awesome themes for WordPress framework. Here are few most famous and useful themes developers-

• TeslaThemes
• MyThemeShop
• Elegant Themes
• Theme Junkie

And much more… But in this post, I am going to make a comparison between TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop.

Though both the companies are known for their excellent, decent, helpful and highly customizable designs but let me share the qualities and drawbacks for both companies and it will be your turn to decide which is better.

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop

Before starting with the comparison between both the excellent themes developer companies, let me give you some details about both the companies.


TeslaThemes is a premium themes developer for WordPress framework since years. With over 17k customers and 57 themes, they are the premium and one of the top WordPress themes developer.

TeslaThemes is mainly known for their elegant design, highly customization options, less price, great affiliate terms and quick support. If you are using TeslaThemes, you would be have experienced the qualities what I mentioned above.

If you want to start with TeslaThemes, click this link to get 20% flat off on all the themes.


MyThemeShop is also one of the most famous and useful themes and plugins developer of all time. Their few themes like viral and schema are hitting the record in the theme market and among webmasters.

MyThemeShop basket has around 122 themes and 21 plugins for you to use. Depending on your requirement you can choose any theme and use.

A Legit Comparison between TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop

Let’s start with some of the features which are essentials for the premium themes and see which is most promising in front of a buyer with a tight budget.

I am not making any conclusion and leaving to you to decide which is better. It can be based on your requirement as what all features you may want in the theme.

Below are some of the points which every webmaster need in the theme and I have tried to evaluate themes based on these points.

1. Design & Uniqueness

I believe every site has their own need in terms of features, colors and designs and so theme developer companies develop a different kind of themes.

When it comes to design & uniqueness, both the companies are trying their best to give you the best and unique designs.

TeslaThemes have been developed from an industry expert who delivers the unique and great designs. You will find all of their themes different and developed with a purpose keeping an end user and their needs in mind.

If we talk about MyThemeShop, they too have some excellent designs. But you will find few of their themes similar and have some minute changes. Seems they do some small change sand launch the themes.

No doubt both the themes are SEO friendly and have taken care of all the basic SEO and helps you to rank easily in search engines.

If we talk about blog loading time, I checked with Pingdom tool and found MyThemeShop leading here. Some of MyThemeShop themes are loading very fast.

So to conclude, in Uniqueness TeslaThemes is leading and in terms of design both the themes are unexceptionally amazing.

2. Documentation for Themes

Documentation is also one of the premier factors to consider as it helps you to install and customize easily and quickly.

The documentation can be either through text, audio or video but it should be loud, detailed and clear.

TeslaThemes provides a step by step supporting document to the users. It has all the required stuff starting from how to install themes to make it live. You can even take a look at their documentation before buying the theme. These docs contain step by step tutorial with screenshots.

Even MyThemeShop provides excellent support documents to their users but you can have a look at the documents once you will purchase the theme. You will get video tutorials as well to make your work easier!

So both the theme companies provide clear and well-explained documentations. Video tutorial by MyThemeShop definitely leads and for online documentation, TeslaThemes leads as you can even see before buying.

3. Price

Aahh...this I kept at 3rd but it is among the top factors one consider before buying any premium theme.

For the single theme, MyThemeShop costs $69 per theme while TeslaThemes’s one theme cost $48 per theme. So definitely for a single theme, TeslaThemes leads.

If you want to have access to all the themes, TeslaThemes costs you only $59 per year while to get all the themes from MyThemeShop, you will have to pay $167 per year.

So definitely TeslaThemes leads in terms of pricing. But you should consider that MyThemeShop has more themes than TeslaThemes.

4. Support

Pre-sales and after sales support is also one of the major factors to consider while buying any product. You should definitely check for this as whenever you need any issue in future, it’s their support which will get you out of the issue.

TeslaThemes Offer premium support to their buyers with forums, FAQ and Video Tutorial. You can also leave a message on their website to get an instant response.

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop offers premium support to their buyer with Forums, Online Documentations and if anyone want customizations in their themes like add new features, change or remove, they charge $30/ hour.

Apart from these above features, there are lot more which you should choose while buying any themes from TeslaThemes or MyThemeShop.

Below is the comparison table for some of the other factors

No specific time interval but whenever they make any update, your theme will get a one click update for sure
TeslaThemes do weekly updates to all their themes and just with one click, your theme will get updated.
Supported Domains
Needless to say, currently, all the developers develop responsive themes
Definitely, all themes are responsive.
HTML Version
MyThemeShop doesn’t provide any HTML file/version of any WordPress themes.
TeslaThemes also provides HTML version of all themes. You can convert that too for another framework like Joomla, Drupal etc.
Free customization is not available but they do priority bug fixing
TeslaThemes allows one-hour free customization to all the buyers
Premium Plugins
Definitely. They have some best plugins like Review, Mega Menu etc.
They are not selling any premium plugins. But they have one free login customizer plugin.
Test Dashboard
No, you can simply check the demo
Yes, if you want to test the dashboard, just click on the demo and enter your email. You will get test credentials using which you can log in and test the dashboard before buying.
Money Back Guarantee
MyThemeShop only offers refunds under select circumstances. The item must either be broken, not working properly or truly missing features as described.
14-days money back guarantee. Get a full refund if you are not satisfied.
Affiliates Commission
70% is the affiliate commission which is really large. You will be paid monthly and there is no minimum payout.
Also, there is 10% 2nd tier commission.
TeslaThemes provides flat 50% affiliate commission and 15% for 2nd tier commission. Here also, you will get paid monthly and the payout is just $1.

Return Cookies
MyThemeShop provides 60-Day Return Cookie. Which means if anyone has clicked on your affiliate link and will buy anything within 60 days, you will get paid.
TeslaThemes leads here and provides 90 days return cookie. You will get paid if your visitor will buy within 90 days.
Support for affiliate marketers
Provides full toolkit like banners and links for promotions
TeslaThemes also provides complete support for affiliate marketers.

This was all about TeslaThemes vs MyThemeShop. These were the detailed comparison between both the theme developer companies. No doubt both the companies are developing best themes but there are some top points where TeslaThemes is far ahead than MyThemeShop.

Also, in terms if unique design and price TeslaThemes leads while for loading speed & number of themes MyThemeShop.

What do you think? Which one is better? Let me know in the comment.

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