How to Create Business Logo Online Free

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Logos are among the very first things one require while starting any business. Whether it is an online business or offline business, you need a logo to make a brand.

A time comes when just by looking at the logo, people will identify your website or company. But before looking ahead, let’s have a quick look as for why you should have a professional logo.

How to Create Business Logo Online Free

Why Professional logo needed?

The logo is equally important for all. It is not always required to have a great logo at some heavy cost. It can be a simple one who should look like professional.

Here are some of the common reasons as for why a professional logo is required for your business.

Your logo creates your image: In the business world, an image reflects the kind of work you do. A marketing company’s logo should be bold enough so that it will reflect the aggressiveness of the company. An insurance company logo should show the reliability and solidity.

One daily basis, you must be coming across thousands of logos starting from newspaper to scroll your mouse pointer. But how many of those you remember?

Probably the boldest and brightest will leave the greatest impression, such as those logo signs for business often seen on the storefronts. These LED signs can now be crafted to meet your needs, with a wide variety of colors, fonts, and styles for the company name or tagline. You could even have the original logo replicated and handcrafted to perfection.

Hardly few…right?

This is the reason your logo should show a proper meaning and reflect the kind of work you do.

The logo is a powerful marketing tool: When I say powerful marketing tool, this means people should feel the kind of trust while looking at the logo.

For example, if you find a sportswear with a logo of Adidas then definitely you will prefer it as Adidas is the among most popular brands in the sports category.

Legal Ownership: Logo earns you a legal owner of the organization. For example, if somebody has just modified your logo and started making sales. As public will get confused with the similar logo and will start buying and so, you may lose some business. But you can sue to the company doing so.

There are many such reasons to have a good and professional logo for your business.

Now as you know why a business should have a professional logo, let’s quickly see what a professional logo should have.

5 Questions to ask before getting a professional logo designed

Now as you know why a business needs a professional logo, it’s time to look for some of the interesting stuff you should know before getting a logo designed. Here are those key criteria’s-

1. What kind of logo you need- Wordings/pic/combination/abstract

2. Which kind of logo will suit your company- Depends on the niche you are working on

3. What message it should convey- If you look at the Nike logo, it clearly says something exciting like sports. Similarly, your logo should also convey some meaning.

4. Color Combinations: It can be the primary color of your business. For example, GSK has all similar to Orange, DNB has similar to Blue, etc.

5. Fonts- Again depending on the niche. If you are in in sports/youth niche, you can have some stylish fonts. You can check best custom Google fonts for details.

The next thing people think is the price. You can get your logo designed even for free, and you may not find what you are looking for in $1000.

So it completely depends on your requirements. But many people don’t get into the logo stuff as they think it will cost them a lot.

If you are also the one who think a professional logo will cost you much then today I have very good news for you.

In this article, I will show you how to design a professional logo free. Recently, I found a website Free Logo Design which allows you to create professional logo online for free.

What is

Free logo design is a website which allows you to create professional logos in an easier way for free. It is the most advanced HTML5 logo maker/creator in the market which allows you to use the platform to design a logo.

They have thousands of designs and templates available which you can edit or check for reference. Also, the company provides different icons for different niches like real-estate, technology, etc. So far over 366K entrepreneurs have designed the logo with the platform which shows how famous it is.

How to design a free logo with free logo design?

Let me take you through the steps involved to design a professional logo for free logo design website.

First of all, you should visit the website and enter the company name and the niche of your business.

You can click on view all logos link to get all the design built for you. You should select a design which you find suitable to start with and click on add.

It will show you the dashboard with the editing options like add text, edit design, etc.

From this dashboard, you can change the color, font and add shapes, texts, etc. to customize it as per your need.

Once you are done with your design, you can check the preview and then save the design. Now it will show you the available options. Like you can download the normal PNG image for free. But if you need high resolution, then company asks you to pay $39.

Free Logo Design also provides you the offer to get your business card printed, and T-Shirt printed.

Custom Logo Design

If you want your business logo to get designed from the expert, then also Free Logo Design provides you the custom design option.

The company charges $199 for this custom design. You have just to share your design requirements and their team will share three different designs for you to review.

Once you have chosen the design, you can also request for three revisions as well. After that, you will get the final logo ready to be used. This will be the unique logo for you, and you can use it anywhere you want.

Wrapping it up!

Free Logo design is an amazing platform to design a business logo for you completely free. If you are an early stage entreprenuer and wants to get a professional logo designed for free then this platform is for you.

Also, you can get a custom designed logo from the same platform as discussed above in as low as $199.

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