Tricks to Earn $25+ by Writing a Review

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, February 6, 2017
Here at TricksRoad, we keep sharing various tips and tricks about blogging, Marketing, online Money Making and different stuffs. So continuing this journey today I am going to show you how you can earn $25+ through affiliate marketing.

Here I have mentioned affiliate marketing that doesn’t mean you’ll get money after a sale. $25 you’ll receive just for writing the post. I know this is not much but for the newbie this is not less also.

affiliate marketing is growing rapidly and there are lots of chances to earn money directly by enrolling for the products or through Affiliate marketing.

In my earlier post, I Shared, how I earned $100 just from a couple of sales through affiliate marketing. If you’ve not gone through that post, I advise you to read that post to know about the basics of affiliate marketing and about the promotion of affiliate offers.

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Steps to earn $25+ just for a review

So here I am going to share all the steps as how you can earn through this affiliate marketing. As we all know to earn from any affiliate marketing first we need to take affiliate network approval. Once you have network approval, apply for any product and once you are approved from the product/company for promoting their product/service you’re all set to go.

1. Register for the ShareASale affiliate network through this link.

2. Once you register, it’s hardly take a day to get approval from ShareASale affiliate network. ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks for the bloggers and they are having thousands of company listed and depending upon your interest you can promote any product by getting approval.

3. Now login to your ShareASale account and hover your mouse on the "merchants" tab and go to "Search for merchants" tab.

4. Click on the Keyword tab and search for Grammarly.

5. It will display a result about the Grammarly affiliate program. Now click on “Join the Program”.

6. It will take 1-2 days to get approval from Grammarly affiliate network.

7. Once you’re approved, write a post about Grammarly and place their banner on you blog/blog post.

8. Once you’re done with publishing the post, share the URL of the post with Grammarly affiliate manager (reply to the same mail through which you’ll receive approval confirmation mail).

9. Very soon, you’ll get a reply that $25 has been deposited in your ShareASale:) that’s all!!

Extra Tip 1: There are few other merchants as well who also pay few amounts just for writing the post on your blog. Subscribe us and just drop your comment/mail. I will share those merchants with you all.

Extra Tip 2: I have heard several people complaining that Grammarly has rejected their blog for this program. If you also are having any issue while getting approval, let me know. I will help you in getting approval.

Over to You

There are several methods to earn money online like AdSense, direct advertising and all. But affiliate marketing is something which gives the best earning. You can check our blog tips to get first affiliate sale for more details about affiliate marketing.

Now just register for the program and earn $25 right now :). Also, let me know your experience with the affiliate marketing.

If you liked the tips don’t forget to subscribe us for such earning tips directly in your inbox. Happy Blogging !!

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  1. Hi Ashutosh bro,
    Thanks to share this article.
    I will try and will let you know about my experience with it.

    1. Thanks Naveen bro. I will wait for your experience !!

  2. Hey Ashutosh,

    It's a wonderful guide on affiliate marketing for beginners. I must share this post with my readers. Hope, it will help them a lot.

    There is no limit to earn with affiliate marketing. If you have a good no. of loyal readers who trust on you. Then you can earn a lot.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Have a nice day!

  3. Hi Ashutosh,
    Awesome post. This is really a great way to earn by writing a simple post.
    Thanks for sharing this post :)

    1. Thanks Kuldeep bro. Yeah this is great for newbie :)

  4. Hi Ashutosh,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Honestly speaking, I have never ventured into the affiliate marketing or any business kind of marketing or venture earlier, as that was never my aim being a writer. But lately, we have been dwelling into this field, though there is a lot more still to learn and do in this regard.

    I've read a little about the way you mentioned earlier, but this one was much in detail. I am sure those who wish to start as a newbie would love this, and even though the amount is small, it's good for starting off - better than nothing at all. Of course, whatever you put up on your blog, should go with the theme of what you blog about too, isn't it?

    We were lucky as we got the mail from the Grammarly manager and many others, without having to do anything much, and the result was the premium products from them for us and for our Ahaians, as you know being one - the recent giveaway :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy weekend :)

  5. Hi Ashutosh

    Thank you for revealing such an experience. You have given me ideas on how to make money from affliate marketing. Thanks for sharing. Cheers man

  6. Thanks Brother for letting us know but I think that we are just required to place a banner ad on our blog to earn 25$ am I correct? and it's not required to write a review post

  7. It is a good inspirational knowledge to start with affiliate marketing

  8. grammarly website reject my website. i applied through my shareasale account. they reject me twice . how to get approval on grammarly website .

    give your valuable solution

    check my website : . is there any changes need to get approval on my website ??

    1. What they replied?
      Please share the response so that we can help!

  9. it's quiet most things that i got here . i'm pretty much happy to see it and it's realy informative

  10. I tried applying with my blogspot blog but got rejected. Is there anything you can help me with?

    1. they usually don't approve the free site until it is of very high quality. Try to take one domain and setup the site.

      Apply then and you will get approved.

  11. This seems like an easy way to pocket $25. What other merchants pay upfront for a post on the blog?


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