How to Get a Professional Logo Designed Using Logo123

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 4, 2017
A good logo reflecting your business is always required to get started. Whenever I start any website or service, first I think how my logo should be such that it should reflect the kind of work I am going to do or kind of service I am going to provide.

It is not like your logo should be of high-class graphics. It should be just like depicting what you do and what you want to convey.

Also, the logo is just not a graphics; it is much more than this. You can find some benefits of having a good logo below-

  • Leaving a good impression on your visitors
  • Helps in marketing and while establishing brand name
  • Reflects your site and kind of service you provide
  • Makes your website design perfect
  • Considered as a professional thing in the industry
If you see the below logos, I am sure you won’t take minutes to speak their name as they have made their identity.
How many seconds you took to identify these names?

Well, this is the beauty of having a good and professional logo. You can check this article to know the Benefits of having a professional Logo.

There are multiple ways through which you can create a professional logo or get a logo designed. Either you can create yourself or get it done from the freelancers’ site like Fiverr or recently I came across a dedicated site which deals in logo designing. The site is Logo123 which works differently how other logo service sites works and provide a perfectly designed logo for your business.

In this post, I will be doing Logo123 Review and will let you know how you can get a professional logo designed at a starting price of $5 with an average turnaround time of 12 minutes.

Logo123 Review- An Overview

Logo123 is a logo designing marketplace dedicated to only quality and professional logos. They are not like the generic logo designing where you can generate logo yourself.

Logo123 provides a platform where you can share your requirements and ask for the designs from thousands of highly skilled designers. Then you can select the one which suits you or even ask for a further modification and all these in less than 30 minutes.

Logo123 provides a fast and affordable logo marketplace where anyone can get a highly attractive and professional logo starting at just $5 with an average turnaround time of just 12 minutes.

How to get a logo designed at Logo123?

To get started with Logo123, all you have to do is, Click on Start Now button, and you will be redirected to a page where you can share all the details about the design you are looking for.

Here you can specify how many custom logo concept you would like to order. Once completed these steps, you will be redirected to the payment page where you will just have to pay $5 per design if you have not selected the Make it a Private option. If you are a startup and working in the secret niche, then this option may help you.

Once done, Logo123 smart designers will start submitting the designs based on the details you have shared. You will get the number of designs you have submitted during the order. It will be something like below-
Now you can select the one which you liked and get the source as well as PNG file in just $49. So you are getting a customized and professional logo all in just $54.

You may also ask the designer whom design you liked for further customization by paying just some additional bucks of $20. Below are the detailed pricing options.

Once the work is completed, you can provide the feedback to the designers as others are giving-

Features of Logo123

Here are some of the amazing features of Logo123-
  • You will get unique design from the talented and skilled designers
  • Designs just starts at $5
  • Although you may find cheaper services at the micro jobs sites the kind of quality and satisfaction, you’ll find at Logo123 won’t be found anywhere else.
  • You may ask for further customization of your selected design at just $20
  • Processes are very smooth with excellent support from the company
  • You won’t have to go with an agency who charges $200-400 for just a simple logo and much more.

Wrapping it up!

Logo123 is one of the leading logo designing marketplaces to get your professional logo designed for the skilled graphics designers.

If you are looking for a logo for your business, I highly recommend going with Logo123 as there is nothing like a copycat. There are many online logo generator sites where you can design a decent logo using some icons and pay for that. But the issue is others can also use the same icon.

So a better solution is to go with a site like Logo123 to get a dedicated logo designed.

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