Clickadu Review: Why you should join them?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, April 1, 2016
The online marketing industry is growing rapidly and people are now more comfortable with online stuff compared to offline due to many obvious reasons.

Similarly, companies and organizations are also now mainly focusing on online leads and advertisements compared to offline promotions and so there are lots of opportunities for web publishers as well as advertising networks.

As per the latest stats by InternetLiveStat, there will over 3242 Million internet users in 2016 which is 7.5% more than the previous years and as you can see from the graph that the curve is continuously increasing and so advertising industry will keep on increasing.

Though there are many advertising and publishing networks and many are working quite well. But today I am going to tell you about an Ad network who has gained a lot of success very soon due to their features, support, and quality they provide to both publishers and advertisers. Yes, I am talking about Clickadu.

What is Clickadu?

Clickadu is a Czech Republic based ad network for both advertisers and publishers serving since a long time. They are known for their quality ads to the publishers and valuable traffic to the advertisers which can convert well.

Clickadu provides high-quality services and tools to those in advertising and publishing, enabling them to take their business to the next level by earning additional revenue from every click. Also, Clickadu uses the latest technology in the ad space which enables both the publishers and advertisers to do well and earn maximum from their campaigns.

With over 150 Million daily impressions and 210K+ daily conversions, definitely, Clickadu is a leading ad network currently.

Having over 650 high-quality active campaigns and 4500 active publishers, Clickadu provides high ecpm to their publishers.

Clickadu for publishers

As mentioned above, Clickadu provides over 150 million impressions daily and so you can estimate how quality publishers they have.

Here are some of the benefits that Clickadu provides to their publishers-

• High eCPM on 240+ countries
• Weekly payments and multiple payment methods
• Detailed statistics for your site app
• On-time payments, twice a month
• Payments via Paxum, Payoneer, Wire Transfer or PayPal
• Self-service platform
• Detailed statistics
• eCPM optimization

Clickadu for advertisers

As Clickadu provides the high eCPM rates all across the globe and this is possible only due to the quality advertisers they have.

Below are some of the features provided by Clickadu to their advertisers-

• Fully managed service with campaign optimization
• Advanced targeting: geo, site, device type etc.
• Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering
• Smart optimization system for high conversion quality
• Optimal targeting: geo, dayparting, frequency capping, OS, device, ad placement and site
• Qualified accounting: dedicated account manager, for large and middle-sized clients
• Desktop and Mobile channels
• Automatic campaign optimization

Requirements to join Clickadu publisher network

Though Clickadu is not that much tough to join and get approval but if you will be found doing some cheating with the network and advertisers then you will be banned immediately and you will lose all your money. So be careful on this.

Below are some of the requirements to join Clickadu publisher network-

• The site must not host any offensive or objectionable content like hacking, software piracy, pornography etc.
• The good news is that there are no traffic restrictions for publishers.
• They accept all niches irrespective of small or big.

So as you saw, there is no any big requirements to get into Clickadu and so any small or big publishers can get into this easily. But once you are on the network, do follow certain guidelines as below-

• Publishers must not alter the ad code.
• Don’t ever click on your own ads or encourage others to do the same.
• Being a publisher you must not use bots, traffic exchanges or proxies to generate fake traffic.

Features of Clickadu

Here are some of the characteristics of Clickadu which will give more insight about the network. These features are applicable to both publishers and advertisers.

1. Payment

Clickadu works on default NET30 & NET15 basis that means you will be paid on monthly basis but if you are a premium publisher you can request for payment anytime.

The threshold for the payment is $100 and if you are not reaching the threshold then that amount will be added in the next month transactions.

There are multiple payment methods with Clickadu and you can get paid through any of these- PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Epese, Web money and Wire transfer.

2. Easy Approval

Getting approved in the network is very easy and no matter you possess a news site or a microsite, you will get approved for sure. Rest all your earning depends on your traffic and the quality of traffic.

3. Ad Type

Clickadu is focused on click under/pop-unders ads. All you have to do is, just signup for them and generate the ad code. Now simply put the code on your site and start earning.

4. Dedicated Customer Support

Clickadu has a dedicated customer support team to assist you at each point. If you are an advertiser and facing any issue to create campaigns, just get in touch with them and get your query resolved instantly.

And similar thing applies to their publishers as well. Their 24x7 support will be available at all the point of time to take your business to next level.

5. Real Time dashboard

As soon as you are logging into your publisher panel, you will be shown a dashboard which will give you all the glimpse of what’s going on currently.

It will tell you the number of traffic you have sent, your estimated earnings and much more.

6. Monitor Cheating Behavior

This is to provide only the quality leads and traffic to the advertisers. They have high-class technology which will stop anything ethical being done by publishers immediately. So being an advertiser you are in safe hands with Clickadu.

These were some of the many features by Clickadu. You can check their FAQ section to know more about them.

How to Join Clickadu?

Joining Clickadu is a very easy task and you can start immediately. All you have to do is, just follow the sign-up link to join as a publisher and advertiser. Now choose the option as per your requirement.

As soon as you have signed up, you will have to verify your email account and if you are a publisher you will have to verify your site jut by placing a code to your head section of the site and once you are done you are good to start.

Over to you

Clickadu is really a large ad network which is known for their quality and rich support. Being a publisher you have to flexibility to choose some quality advertisers and increase the revenue.

So if you are looking for pop-under ad network, you should check Clickadu. You will enjoy working with them.

Which network you use to monetize your site?
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