How to Make Money from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, March 30, 2016
As a blogger and affiliate marketer we keep on searching different kind of affiliate program which should be good and provide good commission on sales. When it comes to choose the best affiliate program or the one I choose for myself to promote, below is what I look for first-

• The company should be trusted
• Product should be good and solving the problem
• Price should not be out of budget of the buyers
• Affiliate commission should be EXCELLENT
• Timely payout and minimum threshold
• Good Support & Resources available for publishers

If any company has these characteristics, I go ahead and sign up them as an affiliate start promoting through various allowed methods. And I am sure you also be agreeing with me on these points?

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Usually we bloggers promote Hosting Offers and SEO/Link building tools as those get sold easily and you receive huge commission.

But today I am going to tell you about another amazing affiliate program called TeslaThemes Affiliate Program which provides good commission on every sale and is highly demanded as well.

But before moving forward, let me share some details about TeslaThemes.

What is TeslaThemes?

TeslaThemes is a premium wordpress themes Club and Plugins developers. With over 55 premium themes and over 17 thousand customers worldwide, TeslaThemes is a reputed brand in the wordpress theme industry known for excellent themes.

TeslaThemes plan just starts at $48 per theme and if you want to have access to all their 55 themes you can go with $59 per year.

If you are a developer and need the PSD files as well, move slightly higher and choose $79 per year developer license. Also, if you don’t want to pay yearly, why don’t you go with a one-time fee of $199?

Tesla provides 14 days full money back guarantee but you will have to show them that your requirements are not getting fulfilled.

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes affiliate program is one of the most trusted affiliate program in the WordPress niche known for their timely payment and quality sales tracking.

As you saw above, how less their theme rate is and how flexible they are so that Tesla can do more and more sales. And this is the reason, TeslaTheme’s Affiliate marketer do quite well. They don’t have to pitch people beyond limit as the price is just $59 for all the themes and features are just awesome.

Tesla Theme has recently launched 2nd tier commission system where you will earn 50% commissions for every sale you refer + 15% for all sales generated via your own referrals. Isn’t this amazing?

How to Make Money from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

The tier based commission is just awesome. The best thing you can do here is, write a review about TeslaThemes on your blog and add few call to action. You main aim should be to send the users to TeslaThemes sales page through your affiliate link and rest they will do.

Also, try to add people under your affiliate link as a publishers. Whenever they will make sale, you will get 15% and so if you are not promoting it anymore, commission will keep on rolling.

Features of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

Being in top affiliate programs in this niche, Tesla take care of their publishers and help them to make more and more money.

Below are some of the amazing features of Tesla Theme Affiliate program-

• 50% commission on each sale
• 15% commission on each tiered sale.
• A single dashboard for all like for affiliate and if you are a customer, for both a single dashboard will be there to make work simple
90 days cookies policy. That means if you have sent your visitors to Tesla Theme through you affiliate link and if they will buy anything within 90 days, you will get commission
• No minimum payout and you can even withdraw $1
• Monthly payment
• Complete resource for publishers like affiliate links, banners of different size etc.
• Dashboard to track your payments, sales and commissions

Impressed with features and commissions?

How to sign up for the TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

As said above, they don’t have any separate dashboard for affiliate and general user and if you have a general account you can start with affiliate. If you don’t have any account, just follow the below-

1. Move to this link to sign up – Signup for free account
2. Enter all your details. You can also signup using Facebook
How to Make Money from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

3. Once you are done, you will have you dashboard and hover to the Affiliate Info tab and here you will get everything like your affiliate links, banners etc.

How to Make Money from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

4. Now all you have to do is, generate the affiliate link, and start promoting.
Few things those I want you to take care before starting as a TeslaThemes affiliate are -

• Don’t purchase from your own link else no commission
• Don’t use PPC advertising to affiliate links.
• Not allowed to use Tesla Themes Brand name in domain name or PPC keywords.
If you are using above, your sales will be cancelled.

Few tips to earn more as a Tesla Theme Affiliate

Here are few tips using which you can earn more and more from TeslaThemes Affiliate Program-

• First believe they are among top theme developer and so you can make your point strongly
• Write down separate review for tesla theme and send the visitors to sales page. Rest will be done by them and their 90 days cookie policy
• Write review like why one should join them as an affiliate and get 15% recurring commission
• Do a round up like best WP themes, best WP affiliate products and include Tesla Themes

TeslaThemes Affiliate Payment Proof

Now let me show you how people are earning decent amount from TeslaThemes affiliate. Here is one payment proof.

So, Above i mentioned some of the tips using which you can increase you affiliate sales and commission. So for what you waiting for, join TeslaThemes affiliate program today and monetize your visitors in a better way and start earning something similar which we shown above.

Are you a TeslaThemes Affiliate?

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