How to Protect yourself from DDos Attack?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, March 11, 2016
If you are living online, then you must have heard about DDoS attacks. These are quite common nowadays on websites.

If you are new and not aware of what is DDoS attack then here is the short introduction of DDoS attack.

What is a Ddos attack?

DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple systems infected with Trojans, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. The DDoS attacked system can be the end system and all those who has used such stuff, and these systems can be controlled by the hackers.

So by now, you must have come to know how dangerous DDoS attacks are.

There are many kinds of DDoS attacks. Here are the few common DDoS attacks-

• Traffic attacks: In traffic DDoS attack, a large amount of traffic are being sent having a high volume of TCP, UDP and ICPM packets. Legitimate requests get lost, and these attacks may be accompanied by malware exploitation.

• Bandwidth attacks: In bandwidth DDoS attack, the hackers send loads of junk data to your site making crisis of bandwidth and network space resulting in downtime of the site. That site which is hosted on limited space hosting is much affected by Bandwidth DDoS attack.

• Application attacks: Application-layer data messages can deplete resources in the application layer, leaving the target's system services unavailable.

If you are operating an online business, you must take care of such DDoS attacks to sustain and grow online. There are many things which need to be DDoS attack free like Hosting, servers, etc.

Today I am going to share one company DDoS-Guard which offer such DDoS attack protected hosting and other servers.

About DDoS-Guard

DDoS Guard is leading company regarding DDoS protection in the market currently. They have the tools and software which serves major companies around the world. DDoS Guard is using the system which is sustainable to restrict the traffic of 1.5TB/sec.

They provide stable and high-quality services and is using private channels, automatic hot standby reserve for every filtering node and 24/7 technical support. These modern and updated technologies and services help DDoS Guard to the server you with an SLA of more than 99.5% on sophisticated attacks. They are having Geo-distributed filtering network with nodes in Netherlands, USA, and Germany.

Products of DDoS Guard

There are many products from DDoS guard to protect you from any DDoS attack.

1. Protected Hosting

There are three types of plans DDoS guard provides under protected hosting, and you can choose one which suits your business. They are using Content Delivery Network (CDN) and geo-distributed filtering network with points of presence in USA, Germany, and Netherlands.

Database and file backup every 3 hours, and protection against any kind of DDoS attack (1.5 TBPS or 120 000 000 PPS)

2. Protected Servers

Servers are really an essential backbone for any business. If your servers are affected, you can’t expect the other parts of sites and other functionality to work properly. To help you protected from DDoS attack especially from Bandwidth DDoS attack, DDoS guard provide you many plans in protected servers as below.

3. Website Protection

If you are looking for some kind of complete DDoS protection, then this is for you. DDoS Guard provides a couple of types of services protection for your business.

Average protection plan starts at $400 per month and provides the complete protection against any attack from DDoS.

The other plan is Premium Protection which comes at $600. In this plan, apart from the features from the Normal plan, you will also get 24x7 GSM support, personal manager, and many other benefits.

Apart from these main 3 products, they do provide other products like

  • TCP Game servers- starts at $175 per month
  • Remote website protection- starts at $80 per month
  • Protected VDs- starts at $200 per month

The DDOS guard is actually providing excellent services when it comes to DDoS protection. You can check the below review by clients. Their support team is also fantastic and you can expect a quick solution for any issue.

Over to you!

This was all about what DDoS attack is and how to save yourself from DDoS attacks. DDoS guard really helps a lot when it comes to DDOS attack protection.

How you are protecting yourself from DDOS attack?
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