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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, March 13, 2016
Social media is a great platform for all the marketers and business owners. Also, in all the social media, Facebook is currently leading the space with over 1.6 Billion monthly active user. If used in a correct way, Facebook alone can also do wonder. Recently I was reading an article where one viral blog ViralNova was sold for USD 100 Million and their majority of traffic was from Facebook.

Facebook monthly visitors
So being a marketer and business owners especially if your business is somewhat or totally relaying on online leads, you can ignore the real power of Facebook and of course online marketing where Facebook also comes.

There are various ways using which you can promote your product/content/website on Facebook like through your profile page, official brand page, Ads, groups etc. There are many ways to drive traffic from Facebook and you should try those at least once and later you can go with the one which gives you maximum benefits.

But definitely this is a time consuming work and regularly we are unable to do so due to time constraint. Also, if will do it daily the same thing, this become a boring job and we lose interest in doing so which is not at all good for any business. So what to do?

What about AUTOMATION of online marketing?

Yes, you can automate your daily time consuming jobs. Today I am going to share a tool called Ninja Blaster which will help you to automate your Facebook group posting and will also make your internet marketing work damn easy.

Making your existing and manual effort automated is a good practice. This doesn’t only decrease the manual work but also you can save lot of money. Many big companies are working in a way to automate their regular work and so as a result last year over 1 Lac jobs were lost in IT. But this is way beneficial for companies. They can utilize those money to grow further and so if such large company can do it why don’t you? So let me take you through the Facebook and Internet Marketing tool, Ninja Blaster which can reduce your effort to a great extent with great benefits.

What is Ninja Blaster?

Ninja Blaster is a powerful software having lots of features for internet marketers and helps you to automate your work in almost no time. Also, the low price attracts the new customers every now and then.

They are having a software which you can download on your Windows system and can use. You can even use it free for 3 days. Ninja Blaster is a multifunctional tool which allows you to post in multiple groups on Facebook and join multiple groups easily with some marketing assistance like keyword research etc. Here are the highlights of the products those Ninja Blaster offers-

• Facebook Auto Group Poster
• Facebook Auto Group Joiner
• Marketing Software

Features of Ninja Blaster

There are multiple features of Ninja Blaster starting from Facebook group posting to internet marketing. Here I am going to list few of those which attracted me the most.

Ninja Blaster Features

1. Facebook Group Posting

Usually you will see marketers join hundreds or even thousands of groups to promote their products on Facebook. You will find multiple groups in different niche and based upon your niche, you can join those groups where your targeted customers exist.

But posting on each group one by one is really a hectic task and no one would like to do it every day. Here Ninja Blaster will help you. Their Facebook Group posting feature will help you to post in all the selected group at once without having any issue.

Though you may have heard that Facebook creates problem while using multi group poster but Ninja Blaster take care of this and allow you a smooth operations.

2. Facebook Group Joiner

It’s always become a tedious job to search and join the Facebook groups from your targeted niche. But Ninja Blaster’s Facebook group joiner will help you here. Just enter your keyword and tell the tool, how many groups you want to join and sit back. Your job is done…isn’t that easy?

Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds too. You can join hundreds of groups those are valuable for your product just in minutes.

3. Keyword Research Tool

As said above, Ninja Blaster is not just a tool related to Facebook but also it will help you in your marketing campaign and that too in most effective way. Yes, it will also help you in keyword research.

Ninja Blaster’s keyword research tool analyzes top five search engines and suggest you the best keywords which will be very beneficial for your products and sites.

All you have to do here is, add a keyword and ask Ninja Blaster to do their magic. It will crawl the top 5 search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon etc. and will send you the best keywords. Apart from these main features, Ninja Blaster keeps on updating their software and adding value to it. Here are the few newly added features to Ninja Blaster tool.

Keyword Research & Suggestion
• Good research of keywords.
• Keywords list can be easily imported
• You get the best keyword suggestions
• You can find best long tail keywords
• It finds keyword suggestion from five search engines.
• Things are done on autopilot mode.

Image Resizer & Optimization
• Just a single click and image will be resized.
• The process is fast and speedy.
• A lot of bandwidth and time is saved.

Online Marketing
• Facebook is unable to detect that you are using software for promotion.
• Updation can be done on regular basis.
• New features would be launched shortly.
• It has award winning support.
• You can use this tool free for 3 days and then decide whether to go for it or not.

Time Saver
• You can start your business promotion anytime.
• Results can be noticed instantaneously.
• You can drive massive social traffic.
• Your business goes viral in few minutes.
• You can use as many Facebook accounts you want for promotion activity.

• It is simple to use.
• Emails can be saved as .txt files.
• FB emails can be scrapped.
• Import in Gmail sender.

Brand Promotion
• Best Gmail Sender.
• 500 mails can be sent every hour.
• Unlimited emails can be sent.
• Easy promotions can be done.

• Unlimited mails can be scrapped.
• Emails can be exported as .txt files.
• New leads can be generated easily.

• You get unlimited Gmail mails.
• Emails can be saved as .txt files.
• Import in Gmail sender

• Pin the posts on autopilot.
• Re-pin the posts and post new pins on autopilot.

Facebook Group Marketing
• Posts can be done in different groups.
• Groups can be selected to post in.
• Schedule the post in the group and you can even set a time delay between every post.
• Select the groups you wish to join.
• Selected groups can be joined in one click.

Facebook Fan page Scheduler
• Pages can be updated in fix time frame.
• Multiple posts can be scheduled.
• Single click scheduler.
• Huge time is saved

Pricing of Ninja Blaster

First of all, if you are still not sure how Ninja Blaster can help you in your business, you can download the tool and can try it completely free for 3 days. And if you think it’s worth then you can go for the paid subscription.

Ninja Blaster has three type subscription. First is on monthly basis, second is yearly and third is for lifetime.

You will get same features in every plan but they differ in prices. Currently they are offering a discount of around 66% on monthly subscription and around 60% on others as well.

You can get the monthly subscription plan at just $9.95 per month.

The yearly plan comes at $59.00 per year and a lifetime tool at just $97.00.


Automating your marketing strategy is a good practice and companies are spending millions to automate online marketing. So you should definitely check this tool once and can see how it’s making the difference in your business.

This was all about Ninja Blaster review. Hope this review will help you to decide whether to go for it or now.

Have you used Ninja Blaster ever? Share your feedback with us.

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