Do You Have These 5 Important Things in Your Blog Content?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 3, 2018
In blogging, we often listen “Content is the king”. Now, a novice blogger would like to know what good content is. When one can say that the blog has good content in it.

If you know what is good content then next obvious thing that you would like to know is, how do you create it?

As a matter of fact, everyone can start blogging but only a few bloggers could create good content on a regular basis. Creating good content is not a science but it is an art.

You have to master this art over a long period of time.

Importance of Good Content

Those days are gone when webmasters use to put 7 to 8 pages on their website and started earning in 2-3 weeks. Now things have changed drastically. Google is not going to appreciate any content which is NOT unique and of high quality.

If you want to establish yourself as a successful blogger or webmaster then you have to create good content. There is no shortcut to it. Just forget about things like SEO or other tricks.

There is no replacement for the good content. In fact, all the top websites and web journals like Mashable, Tech Crunch, and Huffington Post etc. are popular among their readers only because of good content.

If above-mentioned websites, stop creating good content then they may not survive in the competition and eventually lose their loyal readership.

5 Things You Should Have in Your Blog Content

You might have read thousands of articles on the Internet regarding blog content. You will come across many so-called blogging experts or gurus, who are telling you about creating good content.

You cannot create good content by just listening to these experts or gurus. Firstly, you need to read as many as top bloggers. By reading these bloggers you get to know how they are writing and more importantly, what they are writing.

After that, you need to write yourself. You will learn only when you start writing. Hence, after sometimes you can also create good content just like any other top bloggers on the internet.

However, you need to keep following 5 things in your mind before you start creating good content.

1. Fresh and Unique Content

The first point regarding blog content I want to make is that it should be fresh and unique.

If you think, you can copy content from websites like Mashable or Tech Crunch and rewrite that copied content then it is not going to work. Actually, blogging does not work like this.

You need to create content which is new and available on daily basis. If you are unable to create original and fresh content then you are bound to fail as a blogger.

The best way to overcome this challenge is to write more and more.

Hence create content which is unique and fresh.

2. Relevancy of Content to the Contemporary World

Next thing that you have to keep in mind is the relevancy of the content you are writing. What does it mean by relevancy?

Let me here differentiate between blog content and an essay.

The blog is not like an essay where you can write anything. The blog must have some relevant content that can relate to its reader, unlike an essay which is very stale.

In blogging, your content should relate to the state of affairs prevailing in your country and around the world. Thus, every day’s blog post must reflect what is going on around you.

However, on the other hand, an essay is quite monotonous.

Hence blog content must be relevant to the current state of affairs. You cannot blog, living in a vacuum.

3. Dynamism – Videos and Infographics

In the third point, I will build upon my previous argument. As I said earlier blog must not be like an essay. Hence, it must be dynamic. And to make dynamic you need to incorporate certain mediums that can communicate to its readers.

The Just plain text is not going to make a blog, dynamic. Therefore, include relevant videos. In fact, video blogging is in itself another area. But here, we are not at all, talking about video blogging.

So moving on to the topic, your videos must be relevant to the content you are writing.

Secondly, you should try to incorporate infographics. In past few years, infographics have become a powerful tool for bloggers. Although initially, you need to learn about it, but later on, it could be very rewarding.

4. Forums, Groups, and Discussion Boards

Creating good content and presenting it is just half of the story. A blog is incomplete unless you are able to generate an intense debate on it.

How would you come to know that what you have written is liked by the people? The only way to know this is through reading people’s comments.

So, your every blog post must generate debate and discussions among your readers. Visitors who read your posts must comment and leave their reaction. In return, you should also reply and build a conversation with your readers back and forth.

Hence, a blog content must have comments and reactions by it readers.

5. Integration of all Tools & Plug-Ins in the Content to Go Viral

After you have created content and generated a lot of debate & discussion now it is time to use some technology. Your content or the blog post must go viral all over the internet.

Going viral means you should receive a great deal of traffic (readers) for a particular blog post. So how will your content go viral?

You need to get traffic from all possible sources.

Social Media – You must bring in visitors to your blog via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. Create pages on all these sites with the brand name of your blog & updates on regular basis.

Bookmarking – There are dozens of popular bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Digg etc. People must like your content and bookmark to these websites.

Ad placement- Don’t make the mistake of placing too many AdSense ads or ads from another network on your site. Follow the blogs like Google AdSense Official Blog, if you want to make money with AdSense.

RSS & Feeds – People must subscribe you through feeds & RSS or even by newsletter. If you have some budget, you can go for Aweber which has great features.

In every blog post, integrate all the necessary plug-ins and code snippets to pull a lot of traffic to your content.


Finally, I will conclude by saying your blog would only be successful if you incorporate above mentioned 5 key ingredients into your content.

Hence, start working on them. What do you think?

Ashutosh Jha

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