Best Gmail Tips for Business & Individuals

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, July 18, 2015
Gmail, a free app from Google helps you to organize, manage, send, compose and delete emails. To fulfill varied personal or professional or commercial purposes, Gmail is indeed a prolific email-service base that adequately secures all your personal emails and information in it.
Best Gmail Tips
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What is EmailHelpr?

EmailHelpr is an informative platform that provides any type of assistance required and is also envisioned as a news site. Whether it is about setting up your Gmail account or logging back in or securing it; use helpful information from EmailHelpr.

The platform is an imperative part of SHG Digital Media Network that operates across 50 websites covering assorted subject areas, such as, technology, finance and all types of general information and topics.

To put it more aptly, EmailHelpr is the support site of Gmail login, thus catering free support on the internet to help you resolve Gmail login related issues.

Along with it, customers are also provided with Gmail tips and news. Here, we give a glimpse of a few instances of how can help you with its features.

5 Best Gmail Tips & Tricks for Productivity

• Gmail Login is the most demanding feature that lets you know how to log into this email service platform with your username and passwords. Nonetheless, hackers are always on lurking around to infringe your account and steal all personal information.

You cannot let your Gmail be compromised, so, in that case, do not click on any promotional emails or emails declaring some kind of awards. These are fake and are only on the brink of procuring personal information from you. Always type or since it serves the safest way of determining that you are on the right login page.

Do follow the two-step verification process for entering a password so that it is secured.

• Due to be launched, the Pony Express will help you pay the bill and reimburse all types of payments through Gmail.

The idea of Pony Express is to amalgamate all your billings straight on one central online location. Besides, Pony Express seeks the help of a third party to protect all types of personal data and authenticate users.

• There is acute possibility that marketers are tracking your emails. In case, you do not want to be tracked then use the Plugins, which serve as the best way of following trackers.

Tracking can be done through HTML coding that actually opens with a unique image along with an identifier code that tracks your emails.

• Learn about the identification of Gmail tabs and the functions of each

• EmailHelpr also helps you understand how to forward other emails accounts to Gmail. Know this that Gmail collects all emails from various addresses to one single inbox. You can either import old emails and even forward the new ones to your account.

Though only a few instances have been stated above how EmailHelpr aid you manage your Gmail account, there is more to learn and known from this site. It gives you ample reasons to log into it and learn about Gmail more accurately and deeply.

Explore the website and you know how to receive news and tips via Gmail account.

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