Adsnik Media- A perfect Ad network for Advertisers and Publishers

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Are you among the one who is tired of using AdSense to monetize your blog, then I have a good news for you today. Yes, today I am going to tell you about an ad network which is not just a good alternative of AdSense but also a best alternative of Google Adwords. Using this ad network you can monetize your blogs and website in a better way and will be able to generate good income.

Adsnik Media Review

Over the time I have used many ad networks to monetize by different blogs and as I do paid marketing so also have tried different ad networks like Adwords, Bing Ads, and Bidadvertiser etc. to promote by campaigns. During these hunting, I found Adsnik Media and can say, this is Adsnik Media is one of the best ad networks for both publishers and advertisers.

What is Adsnik Media?

Adsnik Media is a CPM advertising network based in India. Adsnik is a platform that connects the advertiser and publishers and provides the best solutions to both the parties. They are working with many reputable brands and high quality publishers from all across the globe. The revenue model of Adsnik is CPM. Being a new player in the CPM networks, Adsnik is doing awesome job in the market. The main reason behind the success of Adsnik is the team behind it. They are very passionate and are committed to provide the best solution to industry.

So if you are looking for something apart from AdSense and Infolinks for monetizing your blogs and website, then Adsnik can be one of the best option sue to it’s excellent features and support. Adsnik helps you with their 4th generation ad technology with exclusive ad contents those are specifically made for your business. They provide the most innovative ads that deliver billions of impressions every month.

Features of Adsnik

Adsnik is not a traditional ad networks like AdSense and Adwords and so working hard to make the product useful and beneficial for the customers. They work with all types of Advertisers and publishers all across the globe. Adsnik is connected to more than 150 Ad exchanges and they are still counting the numbers.

Below are some of the unique and beneficial features of Adsnik Media.

• Adsnik Media is connected to more than 150 ad exchanges and still counting.
• Adsnik Media runs on powerful cloud servers. So you will not feel something like site crash etc.
• Publishers have nothing to worry about the fill rate. It’s 100%.
• You can monetize all types of traffic using Adsnik. They cover both desktop and mobile traffic.
• Adsnik Media focuses on technology and so using 4th gen technology that enhances the productivity of ads.
• They don’t allow sites which have objectionable content like adult.
• Competitive eCPM rates
• On time payment. Once you reach the threshold you will get payment. No delay allowed.
• Real time reporting system
• Wide ranges of supported ad types.
• Dedicated & Qualified support team

Adsnik for Advertisers

If you want to promote your offers, products and looking for some good advertising media which can send you converting traffic, Adsnik is for you. They really provide very competitive advertising solutions and the traffic you will get will be of high quality and converting.

Adsnik provides real time report of your ad campaigns through which you can handle the campaign easily and manage ads which are performing well. Also, as I mentioned before, Adsnik uses their own technology to manage the ads and campaigns, it will help you to manage your campaigns in a better way.

The best thing with Adsnik is, they will assign a dedicated manager for your campaigns who will supervise all your activity and will help you to grow your business through Adsnik. Below are few other valuable features of Adsnik for advertisers-

• Dedicated Account Management
• Enhanced Fraud Protection – Pay only for those traffic which is targeted. Their smart detection techniques removes any kind of suspicious and help you to get only targeted traffic.
• Extremely High Quality Traffic
• Real-Time Bidding
You can sign up for the advertiser account.

Adsnik for Publishers

I am using Adsnik since few days and I really like it. They have so many quality features using which you can get the best value for your traffic. There are many big players in the market uses Adsnik to monetize their traffic. There are many reasons behind this.

From competitive payouts to extremely innovative ad options that suit virtually any website, the sky is truly the limit for those who work with Adsnik. The CPM rates of Adsnik are quite impressive and you will get far more than the traditional networks. Below are few of the main features of Adsnik publisher account.

• Competitive CPMs
• Lighting Fast Payments
• Optimized Ad Tags
• Proprietary Ad Technology

Payment and Threshold

Being a publisher, I mainly check these two factors after the CPM. Adsnik works on Net 30 basis which means you will get your payment monthly and the threshold is just $50. That means if you’ve little traffic also, you will get monthly payment. Also, the payment method is wire transfer. The best thing about Adsnik is they never delay the payment like many other network.

Different categories of ads

Adsnik provides ads in different categories which help both advertisers as well as publishers to choose which type of ad they are interested to. Below are few major type of ad supported by Adsnik-
• Expand
• Interstitial
• Floating
• Native Ad
• More Interactive Formats

Mobile Traffic? Monetized

There are many publishers who get majority of traffic from mobile. So using Adsnik they can monetize that traffic as well with great profit. Adsnik allow you to monetize almost all the legal mobile traffic like Mobile Web, Mobile App, Mobile Banner, floating ads etc.

Support Team

No company can perform better, if they don’t have dedicated support team. Product is other thing but what matter later is the after sales support and it’s feel great to say that Adsnik has very good and dedicated support team which can handle all your advertising quires. Just drop them your query and get assured for the solutions.

Over to you

As per me, Adsnik is really a good advertising network for both publishers and advertisers. With Adsnik, you’ll find complete satisfaction and reliability with your campaigns because they provide a very unique and outstanding solution for your business.

Which ad network you use to monetize your traffic? Have your tried Adsnik?

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