5 Best Ways to monetize A Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, May 13, 2018
All of us mainly start blogging for basically three reasons. The first is Money and the second is fame, and the third is satisfaction. And of course, it can be all.

If I talk about my case, I will start blogging because I liked it and later I started earning money and I can say this is one of the best career options available. I have seen multiple people who started blogging just as hobby or passion but later they choose this as a full-time career and they are doing great this time.

So if you are already in blogging you know such situation and if you are planning to start your brand new blog I would suggest you to first go through the article 10 things to know before starting a blog. This guide will show you the real situation of blogging and if you answer the mentioned questions well you are all set to start a new blog which will rock!!

Once you have started a blog, the very next thing that comes to mind is how to earn money from it. So today I am going to talk about the five best ways to monetize a blog.

How to monetize a blog

There are several ways to monetize a blog. It depends on niche to niche as which will work best. Earlier I wrote a complete blog post on how to make money from a blog. If you have not gone through that blog post, I would suggest you to have a look at that.

Today I am going to discuss five different ways to monetize a blog. I have tried all of these 5 and got success as well with few. So it depends on. If you are not getting expected result from some particular methods, don’t worry try other and I am sure anyone will click and will give the best.

So below are the five different ways on how to monetize a website.

How to Monetize a Blog with AdSense: AdSense

I mention AdSense first because it is one of the best known and most popular ad networks. Whenever any new blogger enters into the blogosphere AdSense is the first way they apply to monetize their blog. AdSense is a very trusted Ad network from Google and getting approval is very easy for it. I received approval for AdSense in the very first step. You can check my guide on how to get AdSense approval.

But you can find several people complaining about AdSense that they have decent traffic but still unable to earn well from it. This can be due to multiple reasons like bad ad placement, allowing all the ads, etc. You can read the below article to increase your earning from AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising some other’s product, and if anyone buys that product through your link, you will get some part of the sell. This commission can be from 3% to 70-80 % as well depending upon the product and affiliate company. I hope most of you must know about this. If not, just register to any affiliate site depending upon your niche and get the affiliate link.

This site can be any like Amazon, Click Bank, ShareASale, etc. Register on these sites and select the product you want to promote. Once done you will get an affiliate URL. You have to promote that URL. Once a person buys something from your link, you will make money. You can also read my experience about affiliate sell in the below article.

Build Email List

Building an email list is the best part of blogging. This shows you have these many loyal readers who read your blog regularly. As this is not the direct method of earning but make a great help in affiliate sales or any other CPA marketing.

Building an email list is not difficult to work. If you are posting quality content and offering good value to your readers, you can get a good number of the subscriber. Once you have subscribers, you can promote your affiliate links in the email and believe me this gives the best conversion. Read the below article to know how you can get more subscriber.

Text Ads

Text ads also play a crucial role in the earning. If you have good page views, you can earn much from text ads. The best thing with text ad is these ads don’t require extra spaces. It will be shown within your content itself. Infolinks, Kontera are the best text ad networks. You can check the below article to know more about Inline Text ads and networks.

One thing here is important to note is sometimes your visitor gets irritated with rolling text ads. So first decide whether you should use it or not and then only proceed.

Write reviews & Direct Ads

Once you feel you have grown and you are getting decent traffic, then you can try for the direct advertisement. Also, you can write reviews about the products and companies.

Once you get, good traffic people will start coming to you and will offer you the advertisements and can ask to write a review about their companies/products, etc. Here you can charge them depending upon the status of your blog. 

Also, you can apply to some direct advertising networks like BuySellAds for the direct advertisements. Remember that these networks only approve once you have good traffic but once approved you will get lots of money.

Over to You

These are the five best ways to monetize a blog. There are much more ways to monetize a blog, but depending upon my experience, I have listed these five. Which method do you use to monetize your blog? Do share your experience with it in comments.

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