How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, May 13, 2018
Hey, Trickers! Here we are back with another exciting article on How to choose a good domain name. So let’s start.

Choosing a good domain name is very important for the survival of the website no matter what type of website you have or you want to develop.

Most of the time people mainly focus on the design and development of the website, but forget about the domain name, hosting and some other required stuff (I will talk about the Hosting services later). It doesn't matter whether you are going to start a small blog or a large e-commerce application, their identity (here domain name) should be good enough and unique. Below I will discuss some of the points which one should consider while registering any domain name.

Before going to the steps to select the best domain name, I would like to what the domain name is. I found a very nice explanation of domain name on Wikipedia-

A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as a website.

How To Choose A Good Domain Name: 6 Points to follow

It is the address of your dream, here website. So be careful to select the identity of your dream. I am sure after reading this article; you will be able to select a nice identity for you.

1. Domain name should be small

Choose a domain name which should not be too long. Try to choose small domain name so that your visitor can easily remember that. In the present scenario, it’s very difficult to get a domain name of a single word. Because either those are already used or some people might have booked that to sell them later at a higher price.

Generally, choose a domain name of length 1-67 character. This has been considered as an ideal. Also while choosing a domain name, think of your customer.

2. Think about your business

Before choosing any name, think about your business. Your domain name should match your business or idea in which you are going to start your venture. I have seen several times that people have started a technical forum and their domain name is not at all related to that. This will help your visitors to get at least an idea about the site. This is the second step after choosing a good template for your blogs/website.

3. Unique Domain name

Try to choose a unique domain name for your website. It should not be ambiguous. Also, Try to avoid confusion in that like doesn’t use plural names. Suppose if your domain name is So if any user visits your site by just typing the URL, they might type or www.john’ So in all these cases, there is a chance of losing your valuable customer.

Also, it is advisable not to use a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) in the domain name.

4. Use top-level domains

If you are trying to get some business online, like you are going to start a business where you want to generate some leads online or trying to start blogs, then it is good to have top level domains.

Prefer to use the .COM domains or if you are not getting .COM, you can go with .NET or .BIZ is also. But try to get a good .COM domain. Because several times it has been seen that people don’t have your full URL. And that time they simply try with .COM only. So in this case, you may lose your customers and it may go to your competitor.

Also, if you are creating for mobile users only, you may choose .MOBI also.

5. Have alternatives and backups

It has been seen that on the average there are 2.4 million domains are getting registered per month. So there is much chance that you will not find the domain name that you wanted. So just for this case, have some good backup for this. Try and think at least 3 names before searching on the internet. So if you will not get your first choice, you still have two more back-ups.

It’s not always necessary that you should choose your business’s name as your domain name. Even you can choose the name as the functional area of your business. Suppose you are having a company XYZ which deals in outsourcing, so it’s good to have a domain name with XYZ but even you can choose domain name related to outsourcing also.

6. Consider privacy policy and trademark names

Even though there is much dispute over the legality in the internet world, but even one can easily take you to the court if you have done any copyright violations. Even though they will not win but at least they can cut your pockets. So don’t register such domain which has a legal issue and not even a part of your domain name. Always register unique names.

I have seen several people registering the plural form of popular brand or with some modification with it. Like one of the most popular domain names on the internet is, people register or This is a bad practice. And any brand will not want such fishing with their brand names. So try to avoid such situations.

Did We Miss Anything? Or do you have some more tips for you? We are eagerly waiting for your comments!
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