ClickSSL Review – Emerging Brand to Buy SSL Certificates at Discounted Price

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SSL or secure socket layer certificates are very crucial for the online businesses. No matter you own a small website or a large e-commerce application you should try to include an SSL certificate to protect your website from any unethical things. Today I will be talking about the SSL Certificate and will share the review of one of the market giant ClickSSL.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for secure socket layer which is an encryption technology, created by Netscape. It creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without any data problem.

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SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of any websites and encrypts the information sent to the server using SSL technology. It makes the data more secure and hence make website secure.

An SSL Certificate mainly contains the following information-

• The certificate holder's name
• Certificate's number and Date of Expiry.
• Information about Certificate’s holder public key
• A Digital signature of Certificate’s authorizing body.

Why you Need SSL Certificate?

If you are transmitting any secure data such as transactions, Credit and Debit card information through the website you must have an SSL Certificate. If you don’t have an SSL Certificate it is possible to view each and every data of your website.

If you have a shopping site or a site which encounter an online transaction, you must have an SSL Certificate else your customer won’t trust you. A recent survey has showed that 64% of online transactions fail just because customer doesn’t trust on the site and majority of the 64% are due to the unavailability of SSL Certificate.

Also in a recent Google update they said that they are going to give preference to that website in the search engine which has SSL Certificate. They consider it more secure and so SSL certificate is a necessary thing these days. So https will perform better compared to http.

ClickSSL Review: About ClickSSL Company

ClickSSL is a leading SSL provider company which provides SSL Certificates at very affordable prices. ClickSSL is a Delaware, United States based company and known for its excellent service and after sale support. They provides customer support to resolve any pre and after sales issues to its customers. ClickSSL has developed a large database of satisfied customers which includes some of the major market giants like Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL, and GeoTrust.

ClickSSL Services

ClickSSL is a major SSL certificate provider company which has good reputation in the industry. ClickSSL provides various types of SSL certificates like EV SSL, SAN SSL, Wildcard SSL, Code Signing Certificates, Domain Validation, Business Validation, SGC Certificates and Website anti-malware scan. They are helping small, medium and large businesses by providing secure and trusted SSL Certificates & 100% support from last 6 years. These certificates provide amazing benefits to its customers like Vulnerability Assessment, Malware Scanning & many more with 99.9% browser compatibility.

clickssl review- get ssl certificate at less price

Why ClickSSL?

ClickSSL is one of the most successful SSL Certificate Company in the market. It is the dedication, hard work and reliability of the company which makes ClickSSL stands ahead from others. Below are the few reason that make ClickSSL different from others and this is why clients believe in them-

1. Trusted Security Products- ClickSSL brings comprehensive security solution by providing diversified SSL certificate products with up to 2048 bit key encryption for the highest levels of confidence, reliability & security.

2. Online Account Management- Track your SSL purchase activities in a simple way. Sign-up for an online account and manage your SSL certificates including renew, replace, buying of your different SSL certificate products.

3. 24×7 Customer Support- 24/7 sales and technical support via email, live chat and ticket. Their support is specifically designed to relieve you from complex issues and doubts by providing proper and instant response.

4. Valued Price- ClickSSL provides robust SSL from trusted CAs (Certificate Authorities) at up to 70% discounted price as compare to CAs. Here cheap SSL doesn’t mean cheap in quality, client will get the same security and SSL product as seen on CAs websites.

5. SSL Seal- Add trust seal to website that gains visitor’s confidence and helps to boost online transactions. SSL Secure Site Seal can help customers recognize your website as a safe place for online transaction.


Pricing of SSL Certificates depends on the multiple factors like for how many domains you need and which type of SSL Certificate you need. Considering here for a single domain, the Rapid SSL Certificate will just cost you $12.95 per year and it will save you from multiple online attacks.

Also ClickSSL provides a special feature for buying SSL Certificate which is SSL Deals. Here you can find multiple active coupons using which you can even buy these certificates at lesser price.

Come and Enjoy 30 days 100% Refund Program

ClickSSL also offers 30 days money back program for their customer with no question ask. Just try their service and within a month if you feel ClickSSL is not meeting your expectation you can ask for the 100% money refund. What can be more exciting than this?

Over to You

An online business especially where money transactions occurs must have the SSL certificates. If you don’t have, believe me you are losing a great part of your customers. Also for the general websites also, SSL certificate is a recommended assets these days as search engines have started giving them preference.

What do you think about SSL Certificates? Are you using or planning to use? Do let me know your thoughts on this in comment. Also if you liked the article do consider so that other can also know about the important security aspect of websites.
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