Swift Theme Review: Why you should use Swift Theme?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, January 30, 2015
The internet and web world is moving forward very fast, and lots of online businesses are taking off every minute.

But is every business going to succeed?

No. There are various parameters which decide the fate of business, in particular on the internet where you have to impress those customers whom you’ve not even met once. Everything here is virtual, and you have to convert this virtual into real to get success.

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In any online business, you must have a website, which works as a location/shop for your business. You can’t expect your business to give you desired fruit if the location is not appealing. I know this is hard to say, but this is the fact.

So the very first thing that you need to take care while opening any online business is you should have a good theme. No matter it is a big company or a small blog, your theme should be showcasing what you are offering to the customer. If you have a good looking design, believe me, at least 50% of your work.

The swift theme for Wordpress is a very popular theme and is one of the FASTEST and affordable themes available today.

The best thing about Swift theme is, it is in continuous development. They stay on top of the advancements in technology and come up with interesting and very useful features before anyone in the industry. They were the first to release features like the sticky navigation, responsive ads (Still not present in any theme or plugin, but been in Swift for almost two years now).

They are like the “iPhones” of Wordpress themes. While every theme maker catches up to be Swift themes, they would have moved a mile forward. I remember the time when Swift released its first version for free download, which was very popular initially and then it came with the premium version with lots of additional features and customization. Since then they keep on doing great work and recently they have launched Swift Theme Version 7 (v 7.2.3).

One of the main reasons I recommend swift theme over other available themes is due to its less loading time, neat and clean layout and great look and feel. And even with the V7, they have maintained this with a more attractive look and charm. Swift v7 has been developed using css3 and HTML5 to suit the www3 and search engine standards. I would recommend you to check the below video for a better look.

It is very much easy to install the Swift theme and to build your business. Just buy a premium theme and install. You’re done yes! It will take care all other things like SEO and relevant sections.

Swift Theme Review

Whenever someone buys any theme, the few important features that they look for are-

Faster loading time
● Search Engine Optimized
● Easy to use & customize
● Great look and feel
● Flexibility and openness
● Excellent support

And I am very glad to say that; Swift v7 has all of the above. It’s been seen that many of the themes available in the market are either good in SEO but lack fastness while loading. But while using Swift, you can feel that difference. Swift is one of the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

In Search engine optimization point of view, Swift themes are pre-loaded with much basic and advanced SEO functionality by default. Also, you can use your favorite SEO plugins like All in one SEO, Yoast WordPress plugin, etc. very easily.

I have used this theme, and I can assure you that, it’s basic SEO functionality are also much powerful and if you’re not using any advanced plugin still can get good visibility in search engine, and you can concentrate on other stuff like Articles and Marketing.

Why should you Buy Latest Version of Swift Theme?

There is good number of reasons to buy this theme, and I’m going to discuss few of those below-

Very fast, loads in a flash

This are one of the principal features of Swift theme. If you use this, I am sure your users and Google are going to love the fast and responsive site. You can see the below image about the loading time of this theme.

The swift premium theme is well SEO optimized

As I discussed earlier, this latest version of Swift theme has been developed by considering all the standards. Every little thing and codes have been written by reviewing the search engine.

So once you have installed the theme and have written posts, you can see the effect in the search engine. As we know, heading tags are critical in SEO, hence so this theme highlights the title, subtitle by default and makes SEO very easy.

Note: You can use any other SEO plugins here, and once you’ve installed any plugin, Swift’s default will get automatically off. So no worry about doing anything extra. Isn't this interesting?

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Easily Customizable

This is the second most important point that anyone looks for while buying a theme as to whether they will be able to customize it as per their need or not.

Of course a BIG Yes.

The developers have considered every single point in mind while developing this. With little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP, you can customize this theme as per your need.

Every single block given here are customizable, and you can change those. Swift Themes Design section allows you to change most of the websites code, colors, site and content width, layouts and font styles used in every part of your WordPress blog.

Fully responsive Wordpress theme

Now people are using more mobile phone/tablets compared to laptops and desktops. So you should provide your readers/customers a solution which can be easily accessible from all devices, as you can’t create a separate site for different devices. Here come the benefits of Responsiveness.

If your site is fully responsive, no matter what the device is, your site will be fully functional with all the features. This gives a significant impact on the users and converts the leads into sales. Swift theme fulfills your need here again. You can check the responsiveness of this theme below-


100% Money Back Guarantee

What anyone can expect more? So get the Swift premium theme today and take your blog to the next level where opportunities are just waiting for you. Also, if you’re not satisfied with anything with the theme, you can ask for the 100% money back in 30 days, and no question will be askedSwift Premium theme comes with 100% money back and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy the Free Trial First: Unique Idea towards customer satisfaction

Swift theme doesn’t only provide the 100% money back guarantee but also they allow you to use FREE Trial. Once you’re satisfied with the performance, switch to the premium. Isn’t this unique and exciting? This shows the confidence of the company and their owner Satish in the product they have developed. Kudos to you and your team for this.

Note: Swift Theme is the single Theme Company in the market who provides free trial.

Over to You

Let me know in the comments section about your experience with the Swift theme if you’re already using it. Also, if you’ve any questions related to the Swift theme, please ask. I’ll be glad to answer them.

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  1. Hi Ashutosh,
    Swift themes are looking good, pingdom test showing good page load speed, as of now i am using free theme from wordpress, in future i will definitely consider Swift theme, thank you for sharing the information about themes.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sid. Yes Swift theme is best in speed and responsiveness.

      Do consider this whenever you'll plan to migrate.Thanks for sharing feedback.



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