Could Experiential Marketing Be the Medium You Are Missing Out On?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, November 4, 2023
Whenever it comes to promoting your brand, your aims are often simple enough. Get your name known, get the product seen and then see the sales flow. How you do that though is the hard part. How can you cultivate your brand promotion and its offerings so that it becomes a respected name in its field, and something instantly recognised, and remembered?

One solution is to engage in experiential marketing. For some, it may sound like a buzzword but a report from Forbes explained that 77% of marketers are using experiential marketing as part of their advertising strategy. But what is it though and why would you begin opting for this method of helping establish your brand?

What is experiential marketing?

Let’s start with the basics. Explaining what it is and how it works. Experiential marketing is all about the experience. Creating a memorable experience that an audience can interact and engage with. It’s something that involves the people the brand wants to resonate with, it’s something that showcases products but instils belief. A belief not only in the product being shown but the brand as a whole and the values it stands for.

Experiential marketing can be in the form of live events, interactive displays, product testing, and so much more. If it involves the customer attending, interacting, or sampling, it's experiential! Experiential marketing helps put the brand in the hands of the consumers so that they can truly get a feel for what the brand is doing. It allows a customer to see, taste, smell, touch and hear. With these senses attended to, brands create something memorable for their target audience, something that drives engagement, sales and brand loyalty.

Are you part of the 23% that has never engaged in using experiential marketing, or are you part of the 77% that does but has not yet seen the results?

It could be time to consult an experiential marketing agency London based company to help you get the results you deserve.

What benefits does experiential marketing bring to a business?

Using experiential marketing is a brilliant way for your business to tap into new markets, build your brand awareness or showcase a new product, and the benefits are plentiful when it's implemented correctly. 

Commonly, there are five key benefits of opting for experiential marketing, but you could find that many others become noticeable throughout the length of your campaign. Whilst commercial business goals are perhaps among your main aims, you could find that you achieve others you hadn’t considered. You may find potential new team members; you may network with other businesses that can provide you with valuable connections and collaborations. The interactive and engaging nature of experiential marketing campaigns means that the opportunities can be truly wide-ranging.

The five benefits of experiential marketing most often referred to are:

Lead generation: Your interactive display or immersive experience can be used to capture valuable data that can then open the doors to you finding new customers. Some businesses do this via QR codes on screens, others provide a fully interactive service where a potential prize or reward is granted for engaging with the experience, the reward only being granted when data is submitted.

Brand awareness: Perhaps one of the most important of the five benefits, brand awareness through creative brand activations can resonate with multiple audiences. Directly engaging with an audience through live events that showcase a brand, and its products can live long in the memory of captivated consumers and as a result, see word of mouth and social media sharing help build the brand even further.

Brand loyalty: When a consumer feels something positive from an experience with a brand, they are likely to be more loyal to it. Experiential marketing creates memories, fuels emotions, and drives positivity. Through the clever production put together by your chosen agency, you’ll be building a new band of customers and enhancing the belief in the brand your existing ones hold.

Product demonstrations: You may see an advert on TV, a flyer on a counter or a sponsored ad on social media but none of them gives a consumer the chance to feel, to sense, to enjoy or to taste the product. Experiential marketing allows all of these to happen. This gives those attending, or viewing your marketing efforts the chance to fully “get” your product and your brand.

Engagement: Whatever way you decide to promote your product or brand, you can reach more than those who just attend the event, see the display, or test the product. Fun activities, photo booths, social media challenges and more will all lead to attendees and participants sharing their achievements, their fun and their experiences to their social accounts. Especially if you encourage the use of a hashtag with those doing so standing the chance to win a prize for sharing.

Examples of experiential marketing

London-based experiential marketing agency Smyle has helped countless brands reach new audiences through developing engaging campaigns. Campaigns where brands have not only reached those attending events but also those taking part virtually.

One such example is when telecoms experts BT wanted an event to showcase the launch of their new 5G network and enhance their brand reputation as a global player in the world of tech innovation. Working closely alongside BT, Smyle was able to create a world record-breaking live event featuring 160 drones! With celebrities on stage performing and local school children being involved to add to the sense of community, the spectacular event hosted at Wembley Arena was witnessed by thousands in attendance as well as countless numbers across the live YouTube broadcast.

Other examples include the work Smyle completed with Samsung. The mobile phone pioneers and tech giants wanted an innovative launch for the newest range of connected products from its ‘Life Unstoppable’ series. 

Its aim? 

To engage people through a visually spectacular experience that fuses the shopping and entertainment elements. The result was a studio-shot video that allowed consumers to see just how these smart products would fit into their daily lives. With the video cleverly portraying a family at home the story was stitched together with a series of vignettes that demonstrated the innovation Samsung is so famous for. With entertaining narratives and engaging content, consumers were not only entertained but influenced and reassured.

So successful was this campaign that it won several awards for brand experience and video content.

What would an experiential marketing agency do for you?

If you want to push your brand to a new level and tap into larger audiences, experiential marketing is perhaps - in this tech-dominated world – the best way to keep your brand relevant, seen, heard, and understood. It can't all be done in-house though. Many marketing teams don’t have the resources or the contacts to elevate the brand in such creative ways. That is why an agency is often a welcome expense to a business looking to create a memorable impact.

When you use an experiential marketing agency, you will see a dedicated team execute, among many other things, the following tasks:

• A carefully curated campaign that will not only increase brand awareness but will also introduce opportunities for interaction with the public and create an enhanced and positive brand perception.

• To do this, they will carry out detailed market research to find out what your audience will connect with. By finessing the campaign to resonate with a specific audience, costs are managed and not wasted as the marketing team drills down into the core aspects of what an audience will want.

• They will create live, in-person or virtual events that help the business fully engage with its customer base.

• Logistics will all be taken care of as the agency takes on full management of your event leaving you to focus on your business.

• Results are important in any business and an experiential marketing agency will have a host of tools to ensure that all KPIs are monitored, recorded and reported on so you have full clarity on the success of the campaign.

• An experiential agency will also make sure it works alongside you every step of the way and even outsource to third parties where necessary to ensure your show, demo, or display creates exactly the impact the brand warrants. Working alongside your marketing teams, everyone remains on the same page at all times.

• You are never alone either when working with an agency. It may be your live event or virtual experience but they stay with you throughout, travelling to the venue to ensure a seamless and perfect spectacular is enjoyed by all in attendance.

In today's world of instant sharing, instant likes, instant shopping and instant demand, experiential marketing puts you at the forefront of your industry. Try it!
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