Yuri Milner Explains Why We Need to Continue Space Exploration to Survive

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, July 26, 2022
The concept of aliens and extraterrestrial life has always been intriguing to humans. The only forms of life that are scientifically verified in the entire universe live on our planet. Thinking about what lies beyond Earth has undoubtedly inspired mankind to speculate on the existence of extraterrestrial life. Famous former-physicist and technology investor Yuri Milner has been on a mission to explore space through various initiatives.

He is also the author of the book Eureka Manifesto, in which he emphasizes our responsibilities as inhabitants of the universe. Milner underlines the importance of continuing to seek knowledge and explore the universe, which could lead to enormous benefits for humanity.

Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives for Space Exploration

Yuri Milner has committed his life to projects such as Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million project dedicated to the search for life beyond Earth. The Breakthrough Initiatives are a collection of space exploration and research activities aimed at identifying life elsewhere in the universe.

Breakthrough Listen, Breakthrough Message, Breakthrough Starshot, and Breakthrough Watch are among the initiatives. The great cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner both had concerns regarding alien invasion and humanity's extinction, which led them to collaborate on Breakthrough Initiatives ventures to explore and understand space.

Eureka Manifesto: The Mission for Our Civilization

The Eureka Manifesto highlights Milner's views on the place of humanity in the cosmos and how humanity must have a unified goal to avoid human extinction in the future. The book also explains Yuri Milner's quest to explore the dynamics of the universe. The Eureka Manifesto explores the "universal story," which is the scientific study of the evolution of life, the process of development from energy and matter to structure and biological systems. Milner believes that for humanity's survival, we should emphasize scientific advancement so that we are ready to address any existential challenges.

Eureka Manifesto discusses the significance of identifying cosmic neighbors. Recent discoveries in the last two decades have shown the existence of many more planetary bodies beyond the solar system. Every star, according to statistics, has one or more planets, which may number in the millions in the galaxy alone.

The universe contains around a trillion galaxies. This means that there is a possibility of finding a planet where humans could survive and, if needed, people can migrate to this newfound world. Exploration of these vast and uncharted regions in space may well be the deciding factor in our survival as a species. It might play a critical role in locating a new home.

Milner also feels that even if extraterrestrials are harmless to us and pose no danger to our existence, neglecting our space exploration goals could be disastrous. He claims that no species, no matter how powerful or advanced, is safe from extinction and that no one is assured to live forever in an uncertain cosmos. According to him, the solution is to invest in science and improve our abilities to expand out into space.

Yuri Milner also described a proposal in the Eureka Manifesto in which humans as a collective species can participate in this great quest for our survival. He has devised five action items that can help humanity survive.

Milner proposed heavily investing in basic research and space exploration; enabling artificial intelligence to drive scientific breakthroughs, teaching students about the universal story and discussing it through art; and entering a new era of awareness in which everyone can contribute to a culture of collective knowledge.

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