Top 3 Cities for Families in Tennessee

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, April 6, 2022
There is no shortage of states that you could visit. There’s New York, Pennsylvania, but the one that you should check the most is Tennessee. This state has no shortage of interesting cities that you can go to.

With some of their biggest options being cities like Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis, it's almost limitless. You can see all the culture and attractions that these places have to offer.

Their costs of living can differ between the cities. Knoxville houses for sale can differ in price from houses in Nashville and Memphis.


The city of Nashville has a low living cost compared to other areas. That's three percent lower than the national average, which would make it a good choice for those that have families to think about or people who might be considering having a family.

Areas like Millersville and Shackle Island are great examples of the places that Nashville has to offer. These areas also have plenty of great schooling options for your children and potential children.

The Metropolitan Nashville Public School system is great for your younger children in high school, but there are also great options for college students as well, like Vanderbilt University.


Knoxville is also an affordable city to live in. It has an index of eighty-six out of one hundred, which makes Knoxville a good place for families or those wishing to start a family due to its affordability.

Places like Farragut and Inskip may have strange names, but they are some of the best places to live in Knoxville. Their crime rates have declined and are among the many nice places to live in the state.

Schools like Webb School in Knoxville and West End Academy are among the many great school options that you will have for your children or potential children. What about the options for college students in your family?

South College Parkside and Knoxville College are just a few of the many options that the city gives. Plenty of opportunities for the young minds of your family to explore and see what schools they would like to attend after they are done with high school.


Does a lower cost of living sound good to you? Well, the city of Memphis has a thirty-four percent lower rate than the national average. Lower rates are good for those starting a family because it will give them a cushion, and it’s also good for families that are relocating and on a budget.

The cost of living springs over plenty of areas in the city. Downtown and Cooper-Young are just a few that come to mind with low crime rates and are great places for a family.

These areas have plenty of great schools for your children to attend. White Station and Middle College High School are just some of the places that your younger children can go.

There are plenty of colleges too. University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University that are offered to students in the city or state. Plenty of opportunities for freshly graduated students that are jumping into the deep end of the pool after they are finished with high school.

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