How To Add Second Number To Your Smartphone for Business Purpose

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, January 22, 2022
How to add a second number to your smartphone for business purposes and stop carrying two phones? Follow this post where we are explaining different easy options for you. Business owners, managers, and other people involved in various kinds of business activities have to be on the phone almost all the time.

For this reason, they are forced to carry two or even more phones for different communication purposes. It is extremely inconvenient and may cause a lot of difficulties and confusion. A virtual SIM is an instrument for making life easier and more comfortable. Being in a constant rush and having to answer multiple calls is not a problem if you have a virtual SIM card that operates through the Internet.

What is a virtual SIM card?

A virtual SIM card from Freeje works within 100 countries and provides high-quality connections at local rates. It helps you to avoid overpaying and spend the budget on some more useful things. A virtual phone number for calls is an efficient tool as there is no need to buy a usual SIM card for its successful performance. Moreover, it even does not require investing money in costly software.

What are the ways of usage of a virtual SIM card?

The procedure of obtaining the VoIP phone number is incredibly effortless. You just need to register on the Freeje website or in the application and put some money on your balance. After performing these simple actions, you receive the following set of possible implementations:

  • Possibility to choose the desired country or necessary location
  • Making and receiving calls at the local prices
  • Possibility to persuade your customers in your nearby location
  • Establishing local offices
  • Negotiating with potential partners and creating new business links
  • Personal motives for using the calls
  • Affordable per second or per billing

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, you also get full confidentiality and round-the-clock access to the statistics, the possibility to manage call records, and billing information.

Second number apps

If you are thinking about going with the apps for the second number, then I have a few recommendations for you - Google Voice, Sideline, Burner, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

In terms of cost, currently, Google meet, WhatsApp, and Telegram are free while many others are paid as well. Sideline costs $3 per month, Burner is $5 a month, Line 2 costs $10 per month, while Skype varies by location. Let’s talk about Google voice here-

Google Voice

In Google Voice, you basically create a Google voice number and then use Hangout to make calls and send SMS messages. You can start with Google Voice by visiting this link. Now connect the Google voice to your main number. Once the main number is connected, go to the setting, where you will see an access number of your voicemail.

Alongside, you will find the “get a Google Voice number” link, upon clicking you will get further options like-

  • I want a new number
  • I want to use my mobile number

As required, you can select the first option, which is I want a new number. Here you need to search for your zip code based on which you will be given some second number to select.

Once you have selected the number you liked, you can start using it. Now when someone starts calling you on your second number which you created above, it will ring in Google voice/hangout by default. You can also make a setting so that when someone calls you on your second number, it will be forwarded to your main number. This way it can work as a normal call.

Key Takeaways

Virtual phone numbers from Freeje are a savvy solution if you are annoyed with overloading your working space. Reducing loads of bulky equipment and effective managing of communication with clients are among the key advantages for any business.
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