This Is How Ambitious Startups Become Giants In Their Niche

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Some economists believe COVID and the post-COVID era represent the golden age for startups. New businesses and enterprises are sprouting everywhere like never before. Business owners and entrepreneurs are ecstatic to make their mark on the world. The pandemic lock downs have indirectly contributed to this shift. This is an age of innovation and technology.

Startups are hoping to challenge the supremacy of established corporations. But any business wishing to become a giant cannot do so without fulfilling certain criteria, especially having a significant online presence.

The road to success and untold riches is not easy for startups. According to a report by, almost 660,000 startups register in the UK every year. However, 20% of all these businesses fail within their first year, and 60% fail within three years of registration. More state can be found below-
Startup failure stat
Image source: Fortunly
These numbers are worrying, but they should not burden the startups as long as they fulfill certain unspoken requirements.

These are the most prominent requirements a startup requires to succeed and eventually challenge the giants in their niche;

Appropriate Online Presence

As stated above, this is the digital age. Every business needs a website to establish legitimacy, but startups need it even more. Today’s customers almost always check out a company’s website before making any significant purchases. Additionally, a website allows you to reach a vast customer base and have your brand recognized. You can analyses key metrics to judge what the people want and shift your business model accordingly.

You can either learn to promote your website by yourself or secure small business SEO packages with a professional who knows what they are doing. Regardless, you need proper optimization to ensure your website becomes visible among millions of other sites.

A Strong Economic Foundation

No business can succeed on shaky finances. Cash flow is essential for survival in the business world. You need funds to pay your bills, employees, contractors, mortgage, insurance, etc. A lack of finances is the chief reason why most startups fail. It would help if you found ways to minimize costs, at least in the beginning. Digitize the whole cash flow and use accounting software to ensure everything is accounted for.

Good Business Planning

Planning and sticking to that plan is the key to success for startups. You cannot afford to launch your business with unclear goals – it is suicidal in today’s technological landscape. To avoid this pitfall, you must thoroughly research your niche. Investigate everything from the suppliers to the taxes. Ensure your vision is realistic and profitable.

Proper Marketing Strategy

Its always challenging for startups to find the best marketing strategy for their promotion. No business can hope to realize its full potential and gain a sizeable following without it. Today’s tech provides many avenues of marketing. Startups need to create innovative ads that capture their target audience’s interest.
Your business model must be user friendly and intuitive enough to anticipate client demands. A unique marketing strategy will allow your startup to appear distinctive from the faceless giant corporations and start dipping into their slice of profits.

Launching a startup is easy; making it successful is hard. However, as long as you exploit every advantage the digital age gives you, your venture will become a success.
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