6 Best Local SEO Tools to Improve Ranking

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, May 17, 2021
You might have heard this term multiple times, if you’re in the digital marketing space. But what exactly is local SEO?

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a method of optimizing the website for a specific area (e.g., Chicago). If you have a restaurant in Chicago, you may want to serve that location only and not to the entire USA. And so, even if you’re ranking on the top for the keyword like best restaurant in any part of the US except Chicago, that doesn’t help anyway.
 This is why local SEO is required where keywords are optimized for local areas where services or products exist and are serviceable. You can see the image below, where the search is for restaurant and as the location of the user is Chicago and so the top results on Google is related to restaurant in Chicago. 

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO works in different ways than normal SEO. If you’re willing to optimize your site for local searches, then you will have to let Google know about this from all kinds of signals. There are many ways you can let Google know that you want to serve local businesses-

  • Have a proper local address - this will allow you to create local landing pages and that way people can find you physically
  •  You should have a LocalBusiness schema markup that helps Google know that you have a local business. If you’re not technical, local SEO plugins can take care of this completely. Keep reading!
  •  Write content for local audiences
  •  Have Google My business account
  •  Get relevant local backlinks and more

You may also hire a professional company that can do all this work for you. There are many trusted companies like SEO Toronto service who can do exactly the optimizing you’re looking for. This way you can focus on your business and professionals will keep making visibility of your business.

Now as you know what local SEO is and how does it work, we would explore some local SEO tools to improve local SEO rankings. But before that, we would suggest you to visit indexsy to learn about the SEO tools in detail.

Best local SEO tools to improve ranking

Here are some of the tools/plugins that you can use to optimize your website and improve search rankings for local SEO.

#1 Yoast local SEO plugin

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress sites we are all using. However, very few of us know that Yoast also offers similar plugins for local SEO as well. The only difference is local SEO plugin for WP is a premium plugin comes at $69 for a site. Considering the fact that this is a one-time investment, it can be an ideal choice to get it.

It helps your WP site to optimize for local audiences you want to target, optimize the address so that people can find you easily, and other features like- store locator, opening hours and pickup option.

You don’t have to be technical to run this plugin and it will take care of all technical stuff-

  • Address output in Schema.org format
  •  Showing opening hours (with Schema.org output)
  • Show Google Maps instantly on your website, including a route planner
  •  KML File generation and automatically adding these to your XML sitemap (needed for Google)
  • Submitting all of this technical data to Google

You can get it from here.

#2 Google rich result test

This is a free tool by result which is a successor of the older tool Google structured data testing tool. Enter your website in the rich results test tool and it will show you whether the site is eligible for rich result or not.
The tool tells you what content on your website is marked as an error which may cause a problem in the way your schema-ed content is marked up. This is a technical aspect of local SEO and should be validated from time to time if you keep changing your theme or template.

#3 Yext.com

Yext is a leading organization for optimizing any kind of business websites. They offer a variety of products and solutions to help you with local SEO. The tool also integrates with hundreds of directories to ensure your information is up to date on search engines. Yext offers the following services for local SEO-

Add Your Business to My Local Services

It is a comprehensive online business directory where users can search, review, and add business listings across the US and UK. Knowledge Manager - It is a single of the sources of answers to the common questions. Get your business added here so that the next time someone searches for it, your business will be in the search results as well.

Yext pages

It is a page to update listings to ensure that your business information is up to date. The good thing is, Yext page integrates with the Yext knowledge manager and this way the users always get the updated information.

Yext reviews

It is a product that generates reviews from your customers that you can add to your website. The tool also makes it easy to monitor and respond to reviews.

#4 Moz Local

I am sure you must have heard of Moz. They are one of the pioneers in search engine optimization tools and technologies. Still, Moz SEO tutorials are some of the most watched videos on basic SEO. And don’t forget about domain authority and page authority metrics, these are Moz metrics itself.

Moz local is a product by Moz which works with both small and enterprise businesses ensuring that the online listing is correct and updated. The best thing I found with Moz Local is that you only need to add listings once and Moz will automate the rest of the process for you.

Once you have added your listing, Moz will send it to all the major search engines, business directory, search pages and other places for maximum visibility. You will receive a notification when someone reviews your local listing or comments on it. You can check, reply to comments, and manage it. Moz local syncs automatically with Google My business that allows you to reply directly to Google reviews.

Again, Moz local is a premium tool and costs $99/year. This doesn’t include their other SEO tools.

#5 Synup.com

Synup is a digital profile and reputation management solution company that helps you increase brand awareness, customer acquisition, and brand loyalty. Synup’s all in one solution helps you manage your listing, monitor analytics, and create reports for monitoring and taking action.

Synup has a product called presence that increases your customer reach across media channels that impacts business selection the most. It provides unlimited listing updates and alters you whenever someone creates reviews about your business. Synup crawls >200 local search engines and directories to catch if there is any inconsistency.

Synup is another premium tool and costs $30 per location for the first 25 locations.

#6 BrightLocal.com

BrightLocal is an all-in-one local SEO marketing software, citations, and review management platform. More than 62k businesses are using the tool for their local SEO and campaigns. The platform offers-

  • Dashboard to monitor location data
  • Lead generating tool to manage and reply to local leads
  • Track ranking, listing, audit directory, scan the results, Google My business, NAP audits, and more
  • Social analytics with Google analytics integration and more
  •  BrightSEO is a premium tool and costs $29/month for a single business.


These are some of the best local SEO tools and software. I have personally used Yoast, Local SEO and Moz local for my local SEO campaigns and others seem to be promising as well.

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