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2020 proved to be a total catastrophe for the entire world. Endless fields faced a complete developmental shutdown that led to months of unreached potential. With the exception of a lucky few, virtually no industry escaped unscathed. As basic survival became first and foremost, many companies that failed to adapt had to close their doors for good.

By migrating to online teacher tools designed for remote learning, the educational industry managed to not only survive, but thrive. Even as lockdowns are being lifted across the world, many educational facilities and businesses are choosing to stick with components of e-learning technologies over traditional in-class learning models. In short, these tools have proved to be much more than basic reactionary software.

To combat the pandemic, teachers began applying new approaches to educate their students and, as a result, multiple e-learning tools have been adopted into the classroom, full-time, to assist with the learning process. PDF editing platforms are among the most popular types of software used by educators and students alike.

Working with online documentation should be quick and convenient. For this reason, before settling on a specific solution, providers need to clearly identify the main goals of the learning process, including their core needs, in order to select a platform equipped with the essential features to meet their needs.

Lumin PDF offers a variety of functions supported by clear step-by-step guides for both student and teacher convenience. Furthermore, Lumin PDF’s tools can be used productively in the corporate sector to develop the professionalism of employees by providing them with corporate training.

Teachers should support various types of documentation and related files in order to provide and promote a healthy and effective learning process. With the rise of e-learning, the importance of online documentation has been made clear. The days of printing and handing out sheets of paper are coming to an end; educators are increasingly using documentation. Safety of user documentation, quality, convenience, and tools required for collaboration are more in demand than ever before.

Following the digital revolution, stacks of paper that have traditionally been associated within the educational sphere have begun to slowly disappear. Students and educators desire an effective way to save electronic files safely and preserve formats, and comments relating to editing, images, etc. Saving files in a digital format has become a daily process applied by students and teachers around the world. In order to join the revolution, all you need to do is acquire the right tools for the job.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most used online formats for saving educational documents. Educators prefer PDF files as they are completely universal and highly secure. In other words, the PDF format remains identical to all users, no matter the platform used for access. One major benefit of the PDF format is that documents cannot be edited or manipulated easily — compare this to Microsoft Word documents for example.

Still, without the right platform, this feature and others like it can be an additional complication as not all PDF editing platforms are equal. They are all designed for different purposes and feature differing toolsets. Regardless, safety should be your main priority. Lumin PDF provides users with the opportunity to create PDF files, manipulate them, gain access to secured PDFs, leave editing notes and comments, and sign and collaborate with peers from anywhere in the world. Only the top PDF editing platforms allow this.

As competition in the remote learning sphere rises, so too does the quality of service. All platforms are equipped with unique, specialized tools, geared toward specific use cases throughout the educational and corporate sectors. Lumin PDF is a universal service that can be easily be adapted for use in both educational institutions and by companies that put employee education at the forefront.

The Best PDF Tools For Teachers

Here are some of the amazing and best PDF tools for teachers-

PDF Expert

A widely used application by educators that offers useful services such as annotating and editing PDF files. With this solution, you may also highlight portions of text, add stamps, and split and merge PDF documents.

PDFelement 6

With this reliable platform, you can edit PDF files so easily that you’d think you were simply working with Microsoft Word documents. As a plus, you can also create fillable PDF forms automatically for data collection. PDFelement 6 is equipped with a handy data extraction feature that can be used to export information from PDF documents into Excel documents, for example.

PDF Zorro

This platform allows you to manage, edit, and sign PDF files with ease. Additionally, you can convert PDF documents no matter the size or number of pages.

PDF Converter Ultimate

Easily convert any type of documentation to PDF format with the help of this tool. Conversely, you can also convert PDF files to Word, Excel, JPG, and other formats using your smartphone or tablet.

Lumin PDF

Any manipulations you can imagine are possible with this platform: convert, edit, merge, split, comment, you name it. No matter what you need to do, Lumin PDF has you covered.

Lumin PDF offers professional mobile and desktop PDF editors, converters, and readers that allow educators to easily share files with students. Students can share files amongst themselves and collaborate with peers on projects and assignments. The ability to interact with one another on the same platform alleviates feelings of isolation to make the remote studying process easier, more entertaining, bright, and comprehensive.

Lumin PDF provides users with a simple, attractive interface, clear step-by-step guides, and plenty of intuitive features entrenched with state-of-the-art security. Head over to Lumin PDF now and request your free trial.

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