8 Best Free Piano VSTs for Authentic Piano Tones

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, February 27, 2021
Imagine yourself as a song composer or producer. Which is that one instrument you’ll go looking for while you’re starting on the song? The most common answer would be a piano. It is not always that one will have access to the piano hardware. This is where the VSTs come into play.

Piano Virtual Studio Technology (VSTs) is possibly the best alternative to purchasing an expensive keyboard. All one needs to own is a MIDI keyboard with preferably 88 keys (just like a piano). The VSTs are software that not only imitates and emulates the piano but also generate decent sound quality, digitally.

Best Free Piano VSTs For Authentic Piano Tones

There are several VSTs available in the market. They are an economical and convenient solution when it comes to creating piano compositions. Here is a list of 8 such software that the user can use free of cost:

1. Prism Audio Atmos Piano

If it is a soft distant sound that the composer is looking for, then Atmos Piano is probably the best choice. It gives a dreamy and acoustic sound, which is a perfect match for an intimate ambiance. This is a perfect choice if the aim is to create an ambient piano soundscape.

This particular free software offers a whopping 2.4 GB library containing some 240 different samples. There are two different microphone sources. The input from these sources can be blended together with decay and release parameters.

2. Keyzone Classic

This is one such VST which is a sample-based all-round piano plugin. This is one of the most used piano VST as it can emulate some of the best piano brands. Its presets include Yamaha, Steinway and electronic Rhodes. Keyzone offers some of the common synthesizer parameters too.

The pitch expression can be altered and affected by ADSR and an LFO. Pan lets users shape a unique piano sound. Since Keyzone Classic has some of the best sound shaping features to offer, along with the presets of the famous brands, for most musicians, it is their go-to free piano VST.

3. Spitfire Audio Labs Soft Piano

Spitfire Labs has some of the free instruments available on their platform. Of these, their soft piano plugin is possibly their most famous instrument that is used by professionals. The soft piano is known for delivering warm tones. Many composers have actually composed their solos, and sometimes even whole albums using this free VST plugin.

4. Versilian Studios Upright No.1

It is a great emulator of a classic upright piano. It is a lightweight sketching plugin that is used by many musicians. Just like the Keyzone Classic platform, this too offers ADSR controls along with built-in reverb and panning features for better sound shaping. The sampling of this plugin has 3 velocity layers which come with 2 round robins (Round robins are different numbers of samples per note.

The system selects a random number of samples each time the tone is played so that the music sounds realistic and not digitally produced). These samples include full decays of about 30 seconds. This allows great versatility. Using the Versilian Studios Upright No.1 brings authenticity to the composer’s music.

5. Ivy Audio Piano in 162

This is a particular sample library for Steinway Model B grand piano. The samples have 2 round robins, 5 dynamic levels, and separate pedals on and off. This is therefore a very comprehensive approach to sampling. In order to run the library of Piano in 162, a sampler is needed. This software is compatible with Kontakt and Plogue Sforzando which run “.sfz” files (.sfz files store instrument data of software synthesizer as texts).

6. 99Sounds Upright Piano

This was recorded by an Italian pianist and sound engineer, Rudi Fiasco. This particular VST offers 4 sampled notes per octave and six dynamic layers for each of these sampled notes. Just like its contemporaries, this VST too features ADSR controls, volume controls, and built in reverb. What helps the 99Sounds Upright Piano stand out is its filter and tremolo control. It is a great choice for creating vintage sound.

7. Soundmagic Piano One

This is a sampling of Yamaha C7 concert grand, which uses its own modeling engine to capture a more realistic sound of the C7. This VST offers a multitude of controls, which is unnatural for any piano VST. Using these the composer may customize almost every aspect of the piano sound. Besides the regular features that are commonly available, some of the special features offered by Soundmagic Piano One VST are piano noises, audience, and player perspective.

8. Bigcat Instruments Iowa Grand Piano

While all the other VSTs are equally good, it is almost unbelievable for this VST to be a free plugin. While the other VSTs are sampled every third note, saving space for round robins and velocity layers, this VST includes every note with three velocity layers, making the tone extremely realistic.

Individual samples can be downloaded as they exist in the public domain and can be used in music. Just like the other VSTs, this too features standard ADSR and volume controls with reverb and panning.

These were some of the best free piano VSTs of 2021. Users and composers may choose from the list above depending on which piano model they wish to emulate and use in their music.

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