Top Reasons Why a Solicitor in Needed to Negotiate for a Child Arrangement Order

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, January 2, 2021
If parents separate or divorce, one of the aspects of the marriage that have to be settled is who gets custody of their children. The divorce is already a messy and energy-sucking process; you could just imagine what happens if you include the partition of conjugal properties and child custody into the equation.
It’s easy if both the estranged spouses would give in to keep the peace, but it’s rarely the case. Their irreconcilable differences lead them to divorce, so it might be too much to expect them to agree on child custody.

If you’re one of the parties seeking a divorce and you want to settle the custody issue simultaneously, speak to a Family Solicitor as soon as possible. They can relieve you of the burden of dealing directly with your estranged partner while also identifying the best courses of action to improve your chances of securing a favorable decision. Aside from these, here are the other ways they can offer assistance that justifies their services’ need and urgency.

Family solicitors specialize in civil cases

There are different law areas, and each area comes with a set of substantive and procedural rules. Family law falls under civil law. The Civil Code contains all the substantive law, while the Civil Code Procedures specify the processes that need to be followed while litigating a civil case.

Family Solicitors specialize in these cases; that’s why they’re well-versed and experts in both the Civil Code and the Civil Code Procedures. This means that they’re well-aware of the laws applicable in securing child arrangement orders, as well as the legal steps to secure and negotiate for one.

They know who has the locus standing to apply for the order, where the order should be filed, the requisites for filing the order, and where mediation is necessary. If you miss any of these, your petition can get dismissed on a mere technicality before the court could even decide on its merits. With their help, you’re assured that you’ve got the merits and technicalities of the case covered.

Lawyers can help courts show the court you’re fit to assume custody

When the children’s interest is in question, the contesting parents and legal guardians are on equal footing. They are left to show the court that they are fit to take care of the child. This task is quite tedious because it’s not enough to establish that you’re the parent or financially capable of raising your child.

If you know that your spouse tends to abuse your child, then your lawyer can help you establish that fact and also the fact that you are the one who can uphold the child’s best interest.

Getting sole custody isn’t always the case. The purpose of a child arrangement order is to determine which house the child will reside in, with whom he will spend the most time, and what modes of contact are permitted. Your lawyer can help you come up with the most beneficial arrangement for the child and yourself.

Make child custody, divorce, and other unpleasant family-related litigation less dramatic and less burdensome. Consult with a Family Solicitor and get immediate legal advice.

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