Three Keys to a Successful Home Remodeling Business

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 27, 2021
You have the skills to remodel homes. You want to go into business for yourself. What do you need to have to do it? Here are some basic tips that should help entrepreneurs who want to succeed from the start. The good news is that much of this advice can be followed without spending much money. In fact, many suggestions are basically free.

Home remodeling business

Social Media is Your Friend

You should set up social media accounts for your business and utilize this free advertising to the fullest. This includes taking frequent pictures of your handiwork and posting regularly on a variety of platforms. This may sound daunting if it doesn’t come naturally to you, but you could set up a schedule and begin posting according to the schedule. For instance, you can do it before your day starts, at lunchtime, and in your easy chair at night.

Once you get reviews, you should post them. You should also network with others in your field who may be in a position to help you. These may be customers, well-connected friends, vendors, and tradespeople. For instance, if you want to be the go-to guy for remodeling, then you reach out to decorators.

Tidy Surroundings Make Clients Happy

When on the job, make sure you have a system for keeping things tidy. If you are in a person’s home doing work, you can’t leave your tools all over the place. You need to have a system where you store them at the end of the day. Ideally, you can keep them on-site, but if not, you can use your van or truck for the purpose.

You will want to lay down plastic sheeting where your workmen are walking. Keeping everything as clean as possible will make your customer happy and decrease the amount of clean up you’ll have to do.

You should also think about their yard and make sure that your equipment isn’t ruining the grass or their plantings. CLT mats are made from laminated wood and can be laid down to provide a safe driving path for your truck or tracked equipment. This is a simple, but effective way to impress your clients with your thoughtfulness.

Organization Saves Money

Your tools and materials should be treated with care. Each item should have a place in your work van, garage, or storage unit. You don’t want to buy new materials or tools because you misplaced the old ones. A careful inventory will help you keep up with what you have. This will help you buy only what you need. This is especially important as you move from job to job.

If you are working from your home, it may be best to set aside a garage or shed where you will keep your work materials. You don’t want to get them mixed up or lose them. By knowing exactly where your supplies are, you won’t waste time looking for them.

Last but not least, show up on time and always be honest with your clients. If you demonstrate that you care about how your work affects their life, they are more likely to believe you when you have to tell them there will be an unforeseen delay or unexpected expense.

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