An Account on the Different Uses of Fake Piss

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, January 2, 2021
Synthetic urine is a laboratory manufactured alternative for actual human urine. It comprises a majority of real human urine compounds and has the same specific gravity, temperature, and pH. Synthetic urine is also known as fake pee or fake piss.

Since it has almost all the properties of actual human urine and is much safer to use, it serves quite a few purposes. This article will discuss the different uses of synthetic urine in various fields of life.

Scientific Purposes

A significant role of synthetic urine in the scientific field is in urinalysis and calibration of the urinalysis equipment. The calibration of urine testing equipment is done using fake pee since the urine consistency for calibrating the equipment is crucial.

Actual human urine consistency can vary from individual to individual. This can be due to reasons like differences in diet or individual body factors. Non-variant chemical consistency does not provide accurate results.

With the consistent chemical composition of synthetic urine, getting accurate results has been made easier. The exact results benefit researchers and increase our knowledge of the human body and its mechanisms.

Another benefit of synthetic urine is its ability to be reheated multiple times without acquiring any composition change. When using fake urine, it can be reheated numerous times to match the human urine temperature.

Educational Purposes

Urine testing is considered an essential part of medical diagnosis. They allow monitoring the health and diet, determining treatments, and detecting diseases.

Medical studies and researches require a safe alternative for practicing testing procedures. Synthetic urine allows the students the benefit from practicing urine testing without any hazards. Practicing with it also enables the students to learn the handling of body fluids and gain experience.

Hunting Purposes

Many individuals practice hunting for various purposes, and no one wishes to miss out on their chance when it's the hunting season. Hunters use synthetic urine to attract prey. Its use masks human scent, allowing the hunters to escape being detected easily.

Wildlife Photography Purpose

Professional wildlife photographers also use synthetic urine when capturing close-up shots of animals. As mentioned earlier, the artificial urine masks their scent and makes them undetectable, allowing easy close-up shots.

Gardening Purposes

Nitrogen and phosphorus are considered to be two very essential elements in plant growth. The two are also found in actual human urine, but its use can threaten plant life since it also contains numerous bacteria.

Luckily synthetic urine also contains nitrogen and phosphorus because of its similar composition. Moreover, synthetic urine also keeps stray animals away from your garden and provides additional protection.

Product Reliability Testing Purposes

Fake urine allows the testing of products like cleaning agents, detergents, and diapers. Using it will enable the cleaning products and detergent, companies advertise the cleaning skills of the product to their clients. This can include stain and smell tests and others.

Diaper manufacturing companies also use Synthetic urine to check and advertise the diaper's reliability regarding leakages. It is also used to test the urine repellent fibers when they are being manufactured.

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