Should You Consider Labor For Hire Temporary Staffing?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, December 21, 2020
Getting the right staff members can be difficult. It’s often the case that the ones who look best on paper don’t relate to your existing team. In contrast, the ones that connect may not have the necessary skills to be useful.

Should You Consider Labor For Hire Temporary Staffing?
The fact that hiring staff is complicated, and time-consuming, makes it important that you get the right one the first time. Of course, this is further complicated when you only want a temporary worker. Going through the employment process just to find someone for a three-month contract is tough, especially when the one you choose doesn’t turn out to be the right fit or skill set.

That’s why you should be considering using a reputable labor hire agency. There are plenty of benefits, although you should also be aware of the disadvantages of this approach:

Fast process

When you use a labor hire agency you can have an employee on-site the next day, or sometimes sooner. That’s much faster than traditional advertising. This means you can easily fill gaps in your workforce, even if they are sickness related, a member of staff on maternity leave, or to handle a special project.

Labor hire agencies ensure your business is ready to cope with unexpected staffing changes.


It’s also a very flexible approach. While all employees need to be treated equally, anyone you get from a labor hire agency is still employed by them, not you. That means you can have them for a day or a month and then simply terminate the contract when they are no longer needed.

It’s a very flexible approach to your workforce which allows you to react to market changes or seasonal demand and maintain security for your key workers.

Advanced Evaluation

If you’re considering taking on a new member of staff then using a labor hire agency can make a lot of sense. Instead of wasting time with adverts, processing applications, and interviews, you can simply contract a qualified person.

You’ll then be able to see how they work and integrate with your existing tea before deciding whether to talk to them about a permanent job or not.

It’s the perfect way of testing an employee without the hassle of firing them if they are not working out.

Agency Relationship

No matter how well you plan there will be obstacles to the progression of your business. Having established a good relationship with your labor hire agency they’ll be on hand and willing to help you weather a storm.

A good relationship works both ways as you help them generate profits and they give you the workers you need when you need them.

Training Issues

However, you should note that although you can get qualified staff from an agency you’ll still need to spend time training them on your equipment. This is essential to comply with health and safety rules.

It means that if you use agency staff a lot you’ll spend more time than normal training. You’ll have to weigh this up against the convenience of the agency.

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