How To Choose The Right Workwear Fabrics

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, December 3, 2020
When choosing workwear you’ll be constantly fighting a battle between a good-looking garment and one that offers the right level of protection and durability. It’s a difficult balance and the exact solution will depend on the type of work you’re undertaking.

However, before we look at the different fabrics available and which one you should be choosing. It’s essential that you select high-quality hi-vis workwear to ensure your staff are seen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in construction or a warehouse, hi-vis clothing ensures workers are seen and prevents accidents.

Why You Need To Consider The Right Fabric

Choose the right fabric and it will offer safety and durability. The exact toughness you need will depend on the job being undertaken. A great example of this is gloves.

Gloves can be made from polyurethane, leather, latex, cotton, and a variety of other materials. The thinner the glove the easier it is to undertake intricate tasks. Of course, the thinner it is the less protection it will give against abrasion.

Choosing the right fabric for the task at hand will help to protect your employees. It will also ensure that the garments last, saving you money in the longer term.

It’s also a good idea to consider the level of comfort that specific garments provide. While workwear needs to be durable and resistant to the environment they are working in, the clothing also needs to be comfortable enough to be worn all day. If it’s not you’re going to find uncomfortable workers and production levels will drop.

Considerations When Choosing The Material

The most important consideration is what job are you expecting your workers to do? This will dictate the type of fabric used. For example, if you’re workers are in working with chemicals then chemical resistant workwear is essential. Equally, it may need to be fire-resistant or it's important it can withstand high temperatures.

In some situations breathability is essential, or the ability to remove water from the wearer.

Understanding the job at hand will help you to identify the most relevant material.

Of course, you also need to consider the manufacturer. It’s essential to choose one that has developed a good reputation. After all, you’re investing in workwear you want to last.

If you’re not sure about a company ask around, you can talk to competitors, colleagues, and even friends to find out how good the items are from a specific supplier. It’s also worth looking at social media. You’ll usually find plenty of people eager to share their opinions and experiences. This can help you to choose the right manufacturer.

Another important thing to check is how colorfast the material is and whether it will shrink. Shrinkage means you need to allow for this and purchase larger sizes to ensure they will fit your staff correctly. Colorfast may seem less important but, if your workers are representing you and your business, you’ll want them to look as good as possible. Workwear that has faded doesn’t necessarily send the right message.

The key is to take your time considering the options, this will help to ensure you choose the right workwear for your crew.

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