Best Reliable Data Eraser for Windows and MAC- Magoshare AweEraser Review

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, December 5, 2020
Millions of computer consumers are quite afraid of losing their data. And this becomes even more important when you’re selling your old computers. In such cases, you may want to erase everything from the computer.

In this post, we are going to share the best reliable data eraser for windows and MAC. The tool we are going to review from Magoshare’s AweEraser. In this Magoshare AweEraser review, we will share the features of the tool, how to erase data permanently from windows, and more.

Usually, you might have seen technicians who can get the data back from hard drives even if you delete it. So, it becomes important to not leave any footprint on the data. This way you can ensure your data is not getting exposed anywhere.

Magoshare AweEraser Review

Let’s start with the Magoshare AweEraser review and check its features, how it works, and more.

What is Magoshare AweEraser?

Magoshare AweEraser is a leading product by Magoshare which is known for the tools like data cleaning, disk eraser, disk cloning, and other utility software. The AweEraser tool is dedicated to reliable data erasing which helps you permanently shred files, erase hard drive, wipe unused disk space maintaining the certified data standard.

Magoshare AweEraser Features

There are many features of the Magoshare AweEraser which you should know before you buy the tool. Here are some of the major features-

#1 All in one file shredder and disk wiper

Magoshare AweEraser is an all-in-one file shredder and disk wiper. It provides a flexible data erasure solution to help you permanently erase data under different scenarios. Along with data shredder, it can also erase hard drive, wipe free disk space, and many such data clearing features. It can do-

  1. Erase files- It can delete files/folders permanently and securely without leaving any footprint.
  2. Erase hard drive- It can delete all the data and files of the hard drive as well
  3. Erase free space- Get the unused space using the tool by erasing free space
  4. Reporting- The tool provides you full erase history as well for you to review

#2 Powerful uninstaller

Magoshare AweEraser also offers an uninstaller tool that can help you uninstall unwanted software and programs from your system. You can uninstall either one by one or in a batch. Eventually, this will also help you get the free space back.

#3 Secure privacy cleaner

If you don’t want anyone to know what you’re browsing and using for commercial uses then this tool is for you. Secure privacy cleaner can help you remove every footprint of your browser history. This includes browser history, cookies, passwords, caches, logs, junk files, etc.

#4 Flexible data eraser modes

Magoshare AweEraser offers 3 modes for data erasing-

Mode-1: Erase files and folders

In this mode, you can selectively and permanently erase files and folders. All you have to do is, just add files and folders to the erasure list and click on the erase button.

Mode-2: Erase hard drive

In this mode, you can format and wipe out the hard drive to permanently erase all data available on the drive.

Mode-3: Erase free space

In the mode-3, you can wipe out the free disk space of the hard drive to permanently erase all the deleted or lost data on the hard drive. This operation in no manner impacts the existing data on the drive.

#5 Supported device

Magoshare AweEraser offers the service for both Windows and MAC. You can download the respective software for your operating system. There are hundreds of storage devices in the market and so you might be thinking if Magoshare AweEraser can work or not.

The simple answer is simple- if windows and MAC can detect these storage devices then Magoshare AweEraser will support this for sure.

This includes but not limited to- Computer (desktop, laptop, PC), Hard drive (HDD/SSD), External hard drive, USB flash drive, Memory card/SD card, Digital device like camera, Server system/RAID, and Other data storage device.

#6 Hardware requirements

For windows, the requirement is very simple. Below are the minimum hardware requirements for using Magoshare AweEraser.
  • Disk Space: at least 60MB
  • RAM: at least 128 MB
  • File system: FAT 12/16/32, NTFS, NTFS 5, EXT 2/3, exFAT, HFS, etc.

Magoshare AweEraser Pricing and Downloads

Magoshare AweEraser gives you a free trial and you can try it and see if this is working great for you. Once you have tried it, you may go ahead and buy the paid plan.

Magoshare AweEraser offers two pricing plans and the prices are the same for both Windows and MAC-

  1. Personal lifetime license costs $29.95
  2. Enterprise lifetime license costs $199

You can download the free trial using this link.

How to use Magoshare AweEraser on Windows 10?

Once you have downloaded and installed Magoshare AweEraser software, follow the below steps to erase the files and folders on your Windows 10.

Step-1: Launch the software and select the option from the left pane. If you want to erase files, select that and then click on the add button to add files or folders. If you erase the hard drive or free space, select the respective options accordingly.

Step-2: Once you have selected files/folders then select the file and click on the erase button.

Step-3: It will ask you for confirmation in the form of a pop-up notification. If you’re sure click on the continue.

Step-4: And done! You will get a notification for the successful completion of the operation.


These were all about the Magoshare AweEraser review where I talked about the best reliable data eraser for Windows and MAC. You can even use the software as a trial and get the basic work done. Although there are limitations of the free trial where you can get a maximum of 20 files erased. The best thing is the lifetime deal is available for just $29.95.

Try the tool and share your feedback if you find it useful.
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