How Text to Speech Services Can Save Lives

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, October 3, 2020
In emergency situations, there are often cases where people with visual impairments can't get the help they need. Thankfully, text to speech software and services have aided many patients and healthcare professionals in communicating with each other in more effective ways.

How Text to Speech Services Can Save Lives
With these text to speech generators, patients can get verbal alerts and reminders when to take their medications and schedule appointments, help them navigate online resources as well as accurately describe important information in a clear manner. It’s no exaggeration to say that text to voice services can be literal lifesavers.

How Can These Services Be Used

The healthcare industry adopted realistic text to speech systems to reach patients who normally could not access the right kinds of help for themselves. Elderly patients especially benefit because they are the ones most likely to have visual problems.

It’s estimated that 12 million people over the game of 40 years in the United States have some kind of vision impairment, with over 1 million who are blind. Patients can use text to speech services to get around issues that they normally face.

This doesn't just apply to people who have trouble seeing, but literacy difficulties and language trouble must be taken into account as well. There can be any number of issues, but utilizing text to speech can address many of them.

In most cases, appointment reminders are sent out by mail and delivered entirely in text, or can be accessed online. For patients with visual impairments, neither option is ideal as they might have trouble reading the words regardless of where they are.

Text to speech services can get around this issue with personalized calls with appointment reminders, important information, and the options to change or reschedule right then and there. Implementing these services can not only help reduce costs for healthcare services but also give patients complete and accurate information that they can access anytime.

How Do They Assist Patients

In pharmacies, patients might have access to label reading services that can help them identify their correct medicine, and give them important information like the dosage, when to refill, and who to call for questions. Since medication containers are small with even smaller labels, many patients often struggle to read that important information. Resources like these can save tremendous amounts of time on the part of both patients and doctors.

Accessibility features like these are critical in cases where patients can't get personal attention for any given instance. These developments not only help patients but significantly ease the burden of healthcare professionals. Medical services are often overloaded with patients and it’s often hard for them to meet every individual concern all at once.

With text to speech services implemented all across their platforms, not only can patients get their questions answered instantly, they can access it whenever they want without having to wait in line or stay on long calls. Patients can get complex and difficult to understand medical terms delivered to them in an easy to understand manner, which can often go a long way into solving problems before they occur.

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