How To Make Your Virtual Meetings Memorable

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Back-to-back virtual meetings can be exhausting and often lead to low retention of information covered in discussions with teams and clients. The phenomenon of zoom fatigue shows the problems people have encountered since transferring from face-to-face meetings to communicating via virtual conferencing and online calls.

Physical interactions are often largely influenced by non-verbal communication which all but lost in virtual meetings. It is therefore even more important to keep people engaged by varying format and presentation styles in virtual meetings.

How To Make Your Virtual Meetings Memorable
Holding a memorable meeting is difficult at the best of times, and may seem even harder via Zoom. Here are a few tips for using video conferencing software to your advantage when trying to make your calls more memorable.

Use all the features of your tools

You and your team are probably fully across the basic functionality of your communication systems. However, popular platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have several useful tools that inject a bit of variety to your virtual meetings.

Zoom’s virtual whiteboard enables people to share ideas in a visually engaging way and allows teams to contribute to a live brainstorm. Explore different ways of using the tool to find the best features for your needs.

For example, you could allocate areas of the virtual whiteboard to specific individuals to avoid people drawing on top of each other.

Another useful feature to add to your repertoire is working on live documents that the whole team has access to. Linking your cloud storage system into your virtual meetings in this way will greatly enhance the transparency and productivity of your teams. Shared documents can easily be built using Google Docs or within Office.

Try using emojis

It may seem unprofessional to use emojis in your company’s digital communications but thinking with an open mind can make them into useful and insightful communication tools.

Without the body language that we often turn to in physical meetings for contributing to the conversation, the virtual meeting can feel distancing and alienating. Using emojis for engagement is a useful way to bring people into the discussion and to quickly gauge opinion on a certain topic.

Get a change of scene

Visual queues are central to recall and if all your virtual meetings look the same, it is likely that they will start to blur together and remember who said what and when will become harder and harder. Using virtual backgrounds in an imaginative way is an easy solution to this problem.

For example, try holding your next meeting with everybody using the same conference room background. Your team will then all remember that meeting like the one which took place in that particular setting. Explore the range of professional backgrounds from Hello Backgrounds to find the backdrop for your next virtual meeting.

Set the record straight

Whilst this won’t necessarily make your meeting itself more memorable, recording virtual calls is a great way to increase transparency and provide an objective and uncontestable archive of your meeting.

It will also have the added benefit of increasing engagement in the meeting as attendees will want to be shown to be active and contributing to the discussion. Having a recording of your meeting also means anybody unable to attend can catch up easily in their own time.

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