5 Tips for Making the Most of SMS Marketing

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, November 1, 2019
If you're not using SMS marketing as part of your company's marketing strategy, you could be missing a valuable opportunity to expand your customer base. With millions of people worldwide using smartphones, SMS is an effective way to reach potential customers.

SMS Marketing Tips

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS (short message service) marketing is a marketing channel that allows you to send promotional campaigns or marketing messages through SMS, more commonly known as text messaging. The service works much like email marketing.

Before your customers can receive promotional messages, they are usually required to opt in to an automated system by texting shortcodes, which are typically five to six digits. When a customer texts the shortcode, the SMS service provider stores the individual's phone number. The service provider sends a confirmation response to enable the individual to opt in to SMS messaging.

Sending promotional SMS messages doesn't automatically convert to sales. Thus, you want to adopt a good strategy to make the most of your SMS marketing. Follow the tips below to leverage the power of SMS marketing.

Keep the Messages Short

Always keep your text messages to a maximum of 160 characters. SMS service providers usually break up messages that are greater than 160 characters in length into multiple texts. If you send messages greater than 160 characters, they may be jumbled, which makes the entire messages confusing and undeliverables.

Send SMS Texts at the Right Times

Send your promotional SMS communications at a time when your customers can act. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you should send special offers and discounts via text in the morning. However, avoid sending text messages too early or too late. Interrupting people's sleep will not give your business a favorable image.

Deliver Messages to the Right People

You should send text messages to people who have opted to receive them. If you send unsolicited or spam SMS, your company may face a class-action lawsuit. First ask customers during a subscription or purchasing process whether they would like to receive SMS notifications from your company.

Make the Messages Personal

If your subscribers can't recognize your brand by the content of the message alone, you should announce your brand's name in every outgoing message. You should also address your customers by their first names to create the feeling that your company is a close friend texting them.

Use Call-to-Actions Buttons

A call to action (CTA) increases customer engagement, so don't forget to include a CTA in your SMS marketing. A CTA guides your SMS recipients to an action they should take after reading your message. Some examples of CTAs companies often use include the following:

  • Save 50% if you sign up today
  • Get your code here
  • Sign up now for free
  • Register now to get free shipping

Whatever the CTA, make sure the message is simple. The more complex your CTA is, the more likely your customers won't follow through on the action you desire.

Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

If you want to reach potential customers anywhere and at any time, you should include SMS marketing in your overall marketing strategy. SMS marketing can prove to be effective when you implement it correctly. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you're bound to reach more customers.
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