5 Amazing Sides of Dubai

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Dubai is a beautiful city with many wonders to explore; that is why you cannot spend your stay swimming at the beach only. Apart from the spectacular skyscrapers, rich culture, and high temperatures, the city has so much more to offer. Dubai is a safe destination to travel, whether alone or with your family.

Security is a top priority, and security agencies usually monitor the city at all times. However, be careful of how you handle your belongings.

Tips for Traveling to Dubai

Dubai and the rest of the UAE has conservative laws which must be followed by the residents and tourists. You might be shocked to find out that something permissible in your country could get you jailed or detained in Dubai. If you are a lady tourist, invest in decent clothes to ward off harassment, and show respect for the local culture.

Dubai can get very hot, try to stay out of the sun or wear appropriate clothes for the weather. Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids and to wear sunscreen. Also, be wary of sandstorms; otherwise, Dubai is a wonder waiting for you to explore.

Five Sides of Dubai: What to See

Dubai has diverse sites and attractions to see and explore as a family or alone. If you are tired of splashing on the beach, here are things to do:

1. Nature

Apart from staying at the best hotels in Dubai, you ought to go out and explore the desert. A desert safari is an exciting adventure to undertake because of the many exciting activities you can do.

The safari starts in the afternoon or at dawn when the temperatures are conducive. You can go dune bashing in the morning for about 30 minutes. How about riding a camel for fun? You can ride a camel and experience the beauty of the desert. Enjoy the wildlife and a falcon demonstration.

2. Gastronomy

The best thing about visiting Dubai is that you can enjoy various choices of gastronomy from hotels in Ras Al Khaimah and around the city -from Asian and European to Indian and American cuisines. There is also the cosmopolitan Dubai’s cuisine; this means that the city provides diverse and traditional dishes from all over the globe.

Tourists are treated to the best delicacies from the various hotels and restaurants all over the city. However, most visitors prefer traditional Arabian culinary compared to other delicacies. Other cuisines such as Indian and Moroccan complement the local culinary.

3. Shopping

Shopping in Dubai is an exciting experience from the large shopping malls to the traditional markets. The best hotels in Dubai are strategically located, which means that you can easily access these shopping centers. You can update your wardrobe, pick unique jewelry, or souvenir from the market.

Dubai shopping is impressive, from having the largest shopping center in the world, to having shopping neighborhoods, and modest village outlets. You can also visit the gold or textile souqs for unique products.

4. Culture

Dubai is one of the cities in the world that values and preserves its culture for all to see. During your visit, you will see Arabs dressed in traditional attire and Abayas. You will also notice activities in the mosques during prayer time; the smell of shisha, Arabic talks in coffee shops, and beautiful writings, which are all part of the culture.

Dubai culture is rooted in Islam; this is why you ought to dress decently and respect the laws. Alcohol is not forbidden; however, you have to take it in designated areas. It is forbidden to drink in public.

You should also respect the religious practices of the locals, for instance, during the holy month of Ramadan. Eating, drinking, or smoking is not allowed in public during the day; however, there are other religions in the city.

5. History

You can learn about the history of the city by taking a trip across the Dubai creek. This is the oldest place in Dubai, and it connects bur Dubai to Deira. Dubai creek is the first major port in the city, and it has a rich history.

You will have much to see because both sides of the creek are surrounded by museums, heritage buildings, and old-style markets. You can ride a traditional wooden dhow across the water, shop in the souqs, and explore the wind towers, which tell more of the traditional life of the Emiratis.

If this does not satisfy your curiosity, you can visit the Al Fahidi historical district. Here you can explore traditional architecture. You can also enjoy watching flamingos as they migrate to Al Khor, an extension of the creek.

If it is your first time or you have visited Dubai before, you cannot miss a new activity or place to visit. Most people know Dubai for its skyscrapers, infrastructure, and shopping malls; however, there are many exciting places to explore.

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