Why Repairing Water Damage Is Beginning Of Storm Recovery

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, October 21, 2019
When you have been through a terrible storm or hurricane, water damage is only the beginning of your problems. There are some tips listed below that explain all the things you must do to get back to normal. Your family might need to get out of the house until repairs are done, and you will deal with power issues, air quality problems, and pest concerns that were not present before the storm.


When your home has been cleared of water, that does not mean that mold cannot grow. Even the best restoration company can only do so much to prevent the growth of mold. There are tiny nooks and crannies in your home that might allow for mold growth. Even if a tiny damp patch is left behind a wall, mold could begin to multiply. Because of this, you need to be quite vigilant. Any time you see mold growth, you should call a remediation professional who can help you.

Power Problems

You may have issues with the local power supply. You may need power assistance from a company like APR temporary power solutions that can help your family live normally or power your neighborhood. Some communities have interim power supplies set up for themselves. Some families have generators and interim power supplies ready to use, and there are power companies that set up backups in certain communities. If you do not have a reliable interim power supply, you cannot live in the house until the main power grid goes back online.

Air Quality Concerns

If you have cleaned up the house after a storm, you may have air quality concerns. It is possible that the storm started a fire, or you could have mildew growing behind the walls. Ask an air quality specialist to test the air in the house. When the test is complete, you will learn how many spores and other particles are in the area. You may purchase a special filtration system that will clean the air in the house, or the air quality specialist may need to clean up the house more thoroughly than before.

Structural Problems

The house could have a number of structural issues that are difficult to repair. If your home has been flooded, wood can begin to rot. Plus, the force of rushing water could damage wooden frames. Carpentry repairs should be completed before you move back into the house. Plus, you may have issues with your foundation. Ask the restoration company if they can use a special support system to repair the foundation.

Insurance Claims

When you are moving back into your home, you may need to replace a lot of things that were damaged or destroyed during a flood or storm. The insurance company will pay for these damages, but you must file your insurance claims as soon as you can. If you have issues with the insurance company, you may need to hire an attorney to represent you. Let the restoration company, air quality tester, and roofer know that you are working with an insurance adjuster. The adjuster may even ask for estimates from your contractors. You can get full payment for these services if the contractors will work with you on pricing.


When your home has been devastated by a storm or flood, you must go through all the items above to ensure your family is safe. You need an interim power supply if you want to stay in the house, and you also need that power supply so that your contractors can get their work done. Make sure your air quality is good, the foundation is repaired, and the insurance company pays your claim.

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