4 Tips to Hiring Your Next Engineer

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, October 7, 2019
In the current technological world, engineers are in high demand. The current hiring market is in favor of engineers. However, hiring the best engineer for your company can be challenging. Hiring involves a lot of effort, dead ends, and even frustration.

The best place to start your process is to state what you want clearly. List all the criteria your dream engineer should have. Mark each candidate against that list and determine whether they have enough strong points to make up for their weakness.
Best Engineer Hiring Tips
The hiring decision involves trade offs. For instance, you can trade money for time by offering a higher salary so that the candidate can join now. Read on to discover four tips to hiring your next engineer.

4 Best Engineer Hiring Tips

Please follow the below best engineer hiring tips to get the best talent from the community. These are the proven ways to hire your next engineer.

#1 Personal Networks

Networking is the best source by far. Hiring someone you already know is the best option since you know the quality of their work. Working with someone you know can be the difference between succeeding and shutting down your company.

You also have a better chance of convincing someone you know to join you. You already know what can motivate such a person to join you, and you can also use your friends to help you convince them to take that step. Asking someone to join you is asking for a commitment.

#2 Hiring Marketplaces

Go online and look for hiring marketplaces such as BECO Engineering. Hiring marketplaces link candidates to potential employees. The value to candidates is to increase their options while companies will reduce the time taken to make hires.

Hiring marketplaces attract high-quality candidates, and they charge a fee for any experienced engineer. Whether the value is right for you will depend on your budget and the time you want to spend making that hire.

Candidates in these marketplaces are also speaking with other potential employers. As such, you will face competition. Make sure you have a polished pitch to get the most out of a hiring marketplace.

Ensure you state why your company is the best place to work in, and speed up the process of moving from the first call to interview.

#3 Outbound vs. Inbound

Outbound recruiting refers to a direct link to a candidate. The link can be through a phone call, message, or approaching someone in a conference to convince them to join you. Inbound recruiting involves building relationships with future candidates. Inbound involves investing time in talks, projects, and content that your potential candidate will find appealing.

#4 Outsource

The secret to hiring the best engineer is to outsource. However, this does not mean that you have to hire 30 engineers within a quarter. Ensure you continuously engage experienced candidates. You can use different methods to outsource.

You can use digital platforms such as LinkedIn, referrals, or prospecting.

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Hiring an engineer requires strategy, and you need to treat the hiring process with enough seriousness. Candidates think differently to investors, and that’s why it is essential to refine your pitch. With these tips, you will find the best engineer for your company.

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