Trade Shows Marketing- 5 Things You Should Know

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, July 14, 2019
Trade shows are not your typical marketing platform. They happen within a specific duration of time, and as a trader, you need to make the most out of it. The trade show attracts people with interests in a particular field, and you might bag long-term clients and investors if you play your cards right. To convince the people to give your products a shot, you need to know the following:

Trade Shows Marketing

1) Get Skilled Marketers

Marketers marketing your product are the first contact you might have with your clients, and they need to be convincing. Having equipped them with the right skills, they end up impressing the interested parties. You need to prepare them for this task by training them. Have them fully understand any relevant information about the product being marketed and the firm as well. With a ticking clock and a constrained budget, you can consider hiring trade show modeling services. Their members are well trained, and they can rise to the occasion. However, communicate your expectations and logistics for a smooth run of events.

2) Be Careful With the Information You Share

Some people approaching you or your team are not potential customers but competitors. Most competitors show up to steal ideas or review their competition in the market. Sharing too much information might create a loophole where they can gain access to your firm. They can also use such details shared against you in case they find it wanting. Share only what is necessary by providing answers to questions asked. In case you cannot respond, or you find the questions fishy, allow them to seek clarification through the firm's contact channels.

3) Gifts and Demos Work

When a potential client approaches, it might be out of curiosity, but if you guide them on how to use your product, they might come on board. It would help if you had demonstrations to show how the product will benefit the client. When possible share free goods for clients to test. This makes them feel appreciated. This would be ideal for a new or rebranded product. Ensure you do a cost-benefit analysis before issuing these gifts also as you might ruin your account in the process.

4) There Is No Room for Errors

Giving false information just to have the numbers might be the start of your downfall. Clients who feel cheated end up leaving, and if they share the information, they might even take the existing clients too. Wrong set up, missing items and poor sync of activities show unpreparedness. This does not impress clients one bit. Prepare to have a pre-show or meet before the show begins to set and confirm everything.

5) Fit a Specific Niche

People from different demographic groups might use your product, but you need to market it for each group. Depending on the expected turn out, or location, you can quickly tell which group to expect. This helps you customize your marketing skills to suit them all. In case you expect all groups, have your team prepared to engage them at their levels for better chances at winning their hearts and pockets.
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