5 Steps to Making A Profit In Crude Oil Trading

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, July 1, 2019
There are many ways that one can diversify their portfolio. The only problem with these diversification tactics is that there is simply no guarantee. The market it volatile and within a moment’s notice you might find that you are losing more money than you initially put in. Of course, there are always brokers and expert investors that you can turn to for advice, but this don’t necessarily mean that they are going to be able to provide the information that you need.

Luckily, this is where crude oil can offer the security that you are looking for. Crude oil offers a variety of excellent investment opportunities due to its unique stature in the world’s economic and political systems. And, this is not to even mention the energy sector. Anyone looking to get into the crude oil market should consider taking advantage of the following information.

Know What Makes Crude Oil Work

Crude oil is pretty much like any other product or service out there. It works on a supply and demand basis. Of course, the supply and demand with crude oil can be affected by a worldwide output. When markets are oversupplied it can shrink the demand causing the prices to plummet. The exact opposite would be true when the demand outweighs the supply. If you want to make a profit in crude oil, you need to fully understand when the market will be flush and when it will be down.

Choose Your Trading Market

When investing in crude oil, you will quickly find that you pretty much have two markets to choose from. This would be the West Texas Intermediate Crude market and the Brent Crude market. WTI gets its oil for US Permian Basin fields and other local sources, while the Brent market gets its oil from more than a dozen fields located in the North Atlantic. It is important to understand that each different market offers a different product and choosing the right one will come down to doing the right research. Anyone looking to get in on the crude oil market can always turn to BYFX Global. BYFX Global offers CFD crude oil trading.

Know Your Crowd

It is also important to understand that retail traders can also affect the crude oil market. When crude oil starts to trend it attracts capital from small players who are drawn to the market by the front-page headlines. This wave of greed can impact your profits in a profound way. When too many investors are dropping money hand over fist on a stock it usually leads to collapses.

Know The Long-Term Chart

When trading in crude oil it is important to fully understand that there are no guarantees. Just look at the previous history of the substance. After WWII crude oil peaked until it was embargoed in the 70s. A decade later it began to even drop further until 1999 where it became to ride to an all-time high. Of course, it began to drop again.

Choose The Right Venue

There are a number of venues available when it comes to crude oil investing. The NYMEX WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil offers contract trades in excess of $10 million contracts per month. The only problem with this venue is that it is extremely risky. The US Oil Fund probably offers the safest way to invest as they play crude oil through equities.

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