How to Get Your Employees Involved with Cybersecurity

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, May 2, 2019
Today, the majority of companies are privy to a large amount of private and sensitive information, whether it’s customer contact details or employees’ personal information. Whether this information is stored on a physical server, online or anywhere else, keeping it safe and secure from prying eyes should be a top priority. Whether your business is small, medium or large, cybersecurity should be at the top of your agenda – not only for keeping your customers’ data safe, but also your own.

How to Get Your Employees Involved with Cybersecurity
Cybercrime is becoming more and more frequent and small businesses are often the biggest target. So, to keep your business, employee and customer data safe, it’s important to create a culture of cybersecurity within your team. Here’s what you can do to encourage everyone to start thinking about cyber safety.

#1 Provide Examples:

Employee training is the best way to make sure that everybody knows what they are looking for when it comes to potential cyberattacks. Often, hackers and cybercriminals get in by fooling employees into thinking that they have authorisation to view or enter when they do not. Sometimes, this could be something as simple as an email that’s made to look like it’s come from a company director – the email could ask for login details, bank account details, or any other kind of sensitive information – and the employee will usually have no reason to think that it has come from anywhere else.

Provide training that shows employees what to look for, and implement habits of double-checking before replying to any emails that ask for sensitive data. Check out for more information on phishing emails.

#2 Keep Passwords Protected:

Another common way that hackers get into your business system is by finding the login information of your employees. It can be all too tempting for employees to leave their login details written down on post-it notes or in their notepads for future use, but this is putting the information that they have access to at risk.

So, it should be a strict company policy that no login details are to be written down – instead, encourage employees to use secure password manager tools in addition to using strong passwords that will be difficult to guess.

#3 Encourage Communication:

Open and honest communication between employees undoubtedly makes for a more pleasant workplace, better teamwork and a generally nicer atmosphere at work. Another benefit of encouraging communication within your team and between teams is that it’s one of the best defences against cybercrime. Instead of keeping their suspicions to themselves, employees who feel that they can easily talk about even the smallest of cybersecurity concerns will help your business spot the signs before an attack becomes a real problem.

Make talking about cybersecurity a part of your company culture – it’s always better to investigate a false alarm, than end up falling victim to a cyberattack because nobody thought it was worth mentioning.

Cyberattacks are becoming an increasingly bigger risk for small businesses, so work together with your employees to keep your company secure. For more such content, please check our online security section.
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