7 Unusual Marketing Campaign Ideas That Deliver Extraordinary Results

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Marketing is a $1.7 trillion industry worldwide. Such a significant amount of money spent on communicating with customers represents a lot of messages that bombard audiences daily.

Unusual Marketing Campaign Ideas
Amidst this cacophony of voices, your brand needs to stand out or risk drowning in the noise. Unique marketing campaign ideas for your brand become a critical tool you must build and consciously develop to succeed.

7 Best Unusual Marketing Campaign Ideas

Here are seven unique approaches to marketing that will differentiate your brand from the rest.

1. Leverage User Generated Content in Your Marketing Campaign Ideas

In today's world, social media is a part of most people's routine. For your brand, being on social media is an essential strategy in meeting your target audience.

When your brand has cultivated a following on social media, it will need to connect with them. Using content from your followers is one of several unique marketing ideas to create awareness and build brand equity at the same time.

55% of customers cutting across different age groups trust user-generated content more than any other form of marketing.

Leveraging user-generated content concerning your brand will harness the power of this type of high-value trust.

An excellent example of this is when Wayfair finds and shares ways in which their customers are using their products in their spaces.

Seeing another customer post a stylish photo of how they use a product builds high-level trust which influences purchases.

2. Create a GIF

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. In the online space, a GIF is worth many more words.

A GIF is a micro video that passes on a message or an idea in less than five seconds. That kind of effectiveness can help you design creative marketing materials that stand out.

Your brand can use particular websites dedicated to creating GIFs to develop a unique micro video that will be on message.

GIFs tend to play on humor. If your brand can craft a creative yet humorous one, it will connect with your audience.

The moment of humor it sparks will subconsciously carry on to your brand, building its equity in that customer’s eyes.

3. Create a Spectacle

A popular choice among time-tested creative ways to advertise is the spectacle strategy.

Here, the goal for your brand is to carry out a seemingly outrageous or unexpected activity in a public square. The unusual spectacle will not fail to grab the attention of the passing public.

More importantly, it will keep you top-of-mind as the experience will be hard to forget.

For example, a mattress manufacturer can decide to create a transparent glass box in a mall or other public spot. Inside that box will be a person who will attempt to live in it for some days.

That spectacle will drive curiosity from onlookers. You can then record it on video to further leverage on their reactions.

4. Use an Exhibition Counter

An exhibition counter at a trade event or a shopping center can help you uniquely market your brand.

The first step is to create a booth that is designed in an unorthodox manner. Such a design will immediately grab the attention of your target audience.

The key here is to let your counter speak for you. When those you're targeting look at it, they ought to immediately and fully grasp what your brand is all about. It should create an unforgettable visual experience for them.

The second step is to tie in a social media aspect to your booth. You want whatever is happening offline in your booth to crossover online and support your brand there.

5. Capitalize on Nostalgia

If your brand has been in existence for some time, it possesses a unique currency; nostalgia.

People love to remember the past positively. With the history your brand has built in the market it can conjure up and connect with customers using this emotion.

In the offline world, you can create ad campaigns that play on memorable moments your brand had in the past.

For example, a bread manufacturer that has been operating for several generations can run a campaign using past themes that were humorous or emotional.

When the audience sees this, they will recall all the things in their lives that were happening then. That kind of emotional tie-in with your brand is priceless.

In the online space, your brand can take part in the #TBT moments to bring up fond memories of its history.

6. Show up in Unexpected Places

Brands and businesses tend to market themselves in the same kinds of places. While billboards, online, television, etc. are battle-tested, your competitors happen to be there as well.

An out-of-the-box approach to marketing such as showing up in unexpected places can give you mileage. That element of surprise will not only grab the customer's attention, but it will remain a memorable moment.

For example, a cosmetics company that decides to commission street artwork of its products will communicate uniquely. Sephora is well known for deploying this tactic to reach its millennial demographic effectively.

7. Unorthodox Sponsorship

Customers are familiar with sponsorship deals and programs that brands use to market themselves.

Your brand can use unusual sponsorship tactics to create a unique factor that stays with the target audience. For you to pull off such a move, you will have to think critically and creatively.

For example, Citibank surprised the market when it decided to sponsor the Citi bike program.

A traditional bank sponsoring blue colored bicycles used in urban areas was unusual. That eyebrow-raising strategy created a level of uniqueness for the brand in the eyes of the audience.

Get Noticed

Brands and firms today are making investments into marketing that total to eye-watering sums. The ability to speak to your target audience and make an impact is a high-value skill.

The level of creativity you put into your marketing campaign ideas contributes to determining whether your customers will notice you from the firm next door.

Did you know that storytelling marketing can generate excellent results?

This article will give you insights on how to leverage this form of marketing to build a compelling brand.

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