6 Tips on Writing an HKU Personal Statement

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, April 21, 2019
Writing a personal statement will be one of the most important essays you will write in your life. It is the motivating factor to get you into the college or university of your choice. A hku personal statement is not very different from other schools. There are requirements you need to read through, but the rules to write a good one is fairly similar. It takes time and dedication to come up with a killer personal statement.

6 Tips on Writing an HKU Personal Statement
A lot of students estimate the amount of work that goes into this essay. It seems fairly simply because it is based on yourself. This actually makes it more challenging. It’s not just about writing down all your accomplishments. There needs to be thought put into it and you have to be balanced with your strengths and weaknesses. It’s also more than just good writing and perfect grammar.

6 HKU Personal Statement Writing Tips

These tips will help you write the best personal statement and help you achieve your goals and get accepted.

1. Read the requirements

Every school has a set of requirements you have to adhere to when writing your personal statement. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the requirements before you put pen to paper. We waste a lot of time doing something that is not required. Your personal statement is just an essay, but you still need to adhere to any rules and suggestions given by the school you are applying at.

2. Brainstorm

Take some time to brainstorm a bit and understand what it is you want to write down. This is a crucial step that is often overlooked. We just want to start writing as soon as possible and it is understandable. When you write a custom thesis you first brainstorm. The same applies to a personal statement. Just because it is in an essay form, does not mean you should take it for granted.

3. Talk about shortfalls

You need to celebrate your achievements in your personal statement, but don’t forget to discuss the shortfalls. Sometimes there are motivations behind certain issues on your application. This is an opportunity to address these. This shows that you understand why you have these shortfalls and there is reasoning behind it. Otherwise, you leave it all up to assumptions. You might not have another opportunity to explain.

4. Get feedback

When you are happy with your personal statement, ask for some feedback. You would be surprised to hear what others think about it. Also, you might have missed some important information that you should add. You can ask feedback from people who know you well enough to give some input. This is not to say that you have to include everyone’s suggestion. It is just a good idea to know what the feedback is and then using it wisely.

5. Story telling

Your life is the story of this essay and it needs to show. When you write a hkust thessi it is all about facts. Your personal statement should include facts of your life. It should also read like you are telling a story. This is a great way to engage the reader and give you a higher chance of success. If the person reading your personal statement becomes bored, it is not going to end the way you want it.

6. It’s enough

One of the biggest hurdles people face when writing a personal statement is that they don’t believe their story is interesting enough. This is a misconception and you should not fall for it. You cannot lie and make up stories, but everyone’s is enough. It all depends on what the school is looking for.

Finals tips on writing a personal statement

The rules to writing always applies. You have to check for grammar issues and spelling errors. There is no getting away from it. Make sure you proofread and edit this personal statement until you are happy with it. Start as early as possible to give yourself sufficient time to do all of this.

Once you know when the deadline is, start working on your essay. It is an important one and you want to get the results you are hoping for. For more such tips, please check our writing section.

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