9 Super Efficient Ways to Generate Business Leads That Close

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Your business will fail if you don't have new sales leads coming in the door consistently.

Even if your product is amazing. Even if you have the best customer service. Even if your conversion rates tower above the competition.

9 Super Efficient Ways to Generate Business Leads That Close
To keep your business alive, you need marketing strategies that bring in quality leads. To build long-term success, you need proven strategies that deliver leads every time.

9 Business Lead Generation Techniques

Here are 9 ways to generate business leads that turn into sales. You can follow these business lead generation technique to get the quality lead which actually convert.

1. Content Marketing

The internet has decreased the barriers to entry in most industries. How do you get people to pay attention in this crowded market?

Reward people who tune in with high-quality insights. Provide value before asking for the sale. Focus on quality over quantity.

Show them you're an authority. Show them you're a leader in your space. Show them you have solutions to their burning problems.

Produce exceptional content and share it on your favorite marketing channels. People will give you their time when you provide real value.

2. SEO

You created high-quality content. How do you get people to see this content when you don't have a large marketing budget?

Boost your content's ranking in the search engines through SEO. Search engine traffic is the gift that keeps on giving. It brings more traffic to your site every day without any additional work.

How do you get to the top of search results? Start by creating quality content people want to consume.

Then, optimize that content to rank highly on search engines. Target keywords that get consistent search volume. But don't go after keywords that are too competitive.

Follow that by getting links back to your content from quality sites. Turbo-charge your link building strategy with these link building tools.

3. Guest Blogging

You optimized your content for search engines. How do you get links that will improve your search engine rankings?

Find blogs that have similar content and pitch guest posts to them. Create high-quality posts for them.

Link back to your posts within your guest posts. Rinse and repeat. These links will lead search engines to consider your content more relevant and authoritative for your target keywords.

One drawback to guest posting is that it's time-consuming. If you don't have the time to plan and execute a guest blogging strategy, try a different approach to bring in leads. One alternative is to look at lead generation companies.

4. Quora Answers

SEO and guest blogging are generating consistent traffic. How do you get traffic from other places?

Your business has solutions to your market's problems. Get those solutions in the hands of the people who care about them. Go to where people are asking for answers to problems you can solve.

People go to Quora to find answers to their problems, challenges, and pains. Find the questions your target customers are asking on Quora and answer them.

Provide valuable answers that will get them results. Then, let people know where to go to find more solutions to their problems: your website.

Potential customers will find and love your answers. They'll want more answers from you. They'll want to learn about your services.

5. Email Signatures

You're getting traffic from multiple sources. How do you build on that momentum to bring in even more traffic?

The average worker sends 40 emails a day. Generate leads from these emails you're already sending every day.

Use your email signature to let people know about your company. Make it interesting.

Pique the curiosity of your email recipients. Make them want to click on the link to learn more about your services.

This is one of the simplest ways to find leads. Creating a signature only takes a few minutes. Automatically tack your signature onto every email you send by changing your email settings.

After the initial setup work, the signature works for you every time you send an email. The sun will rise tomorrow, and you'll be sending more emails.

6. Lead Magnets

You're getting traffic from search engines, guest posts, Quora, and emails. Generating traffic from these sources took a lot of hard work. Don't waste your effort.

How do you capitalize on this traffic? Get email addresses so you can develop a relationship with your site visitors.

How do you get customers to hand over their email address? Make them an offer they can't resist. Offer to deliver a valuable piece of content to their inbox.

The lead magnet has to be something people want. You have to earn your way into their inbox.

The lead magnet can be an ebook, list of tools, or infographic. It can be anything else that provides solutions to specific problems.

7. Landing Pages

You created a lead magnet people want. How do you make it easy for them to see your offer and say yes?

Send visitors to a site where they can only do one thing. In this page, tell your visitors about your lead magnet. Sell your heart out.

Ask for an email address so you can send your lead magnet there. Don't give them the option to do anything else.

Visitors can only give you an email address or leave your page. This increases conversions. This gets more leads to progress through your sales funnel.

8. Email Marketing

You grew your email list through lead magnets and landing pages. Now what do you do?

Treat your email list with respect and care. These are leads of the highest quality.

They already like your content. They've already said yes to your lead magnet offer.

Nurture the relationship with them. Don't start selling them your products or services right away.

Continue to provide value. Continue to earn their attention.

Over time, you'll earn their trust. They'll eagerly hand over their money for the solutions you provide.

9. Customer Referrals

You built strong relationships with your leads. They bought and loved your services. Now what do you do?

Ask them to become your ally. Ask them to tell their friends, co-workers, and families about your services.

They'll gladly help you out because you gave them what they wanted. Provide the same value to their referrals to create a loyal community that raves about your products.

Grow Your Company with Business Leads that Close

Business leads are the key to growing your business. There's no magic wand that will get you quality leads. But you can use these 9 strategies to generate quality leads on a consistent basis.

Looking for more ways to grow your business? These tools can help you grow your blog.
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