10 Small Office Ideas and Upgrades That Will Make Your Employees Happy

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, January 18, 2019
What if you could have more productive employees starting today?

Most managers think that making employees more productive will take a lot of time and effort. However, there are many small office ideas that add up to a happier and more productive staff.

Ready for a more efficient office? Keep reading to discover ten small office upgrades that will make a big difference!

1. Better Air Freshener

When we think of office upgrades, most of us think of how things look. But do you ever think about how things smell?

Adding air freshener to the office (such as simple automated fresheners) can make the area more pleasant to work in. Moreover, it makes the workspace more productive.

It's true: pleasant smells can do everything from reducing the number of typos to adding extra energy throughout the day!

2. A New Coat of Paint

We hate to break it to you, but your employees spend a lot of time staring at your walls. Yes, even the really productive employees.

Think about the colors of the walls in your office. Are the colors dark and drab? This can actually sap the energy right out of the room.

Of course, the opposite holds true as well. You can give the walls a new coat of paint. You may end up giving new life to your workers as well.

That's because bright and vibrant colors can make everyone feel more energetic and motivated. Just think: a weekend paint job could lead to a year of more productive workers.

3. Open Concept Office

We tell our workers that we like things like teamwork and collaboration. But do you have the kind of physical space that makes that happen?

Many offices place key employees behind closed doors. And for all intents and purposes, these employees may as well be in their own little worlds.

Try switching your office to more open space. That means more open doors and more areas where your workers can actually see one another.

The idea behind this is simple. The more everyone can see each other, the more they can talk with one another.

Once they start sharing great ideas with each other, this open office renovation will pay for itself.

4. Snack Time

The beating heart of a productive office is not the cubicle. It's not even the manager's office. No, the real heart of the office is the break room.

Workers come to the break room to escape work for a few minutes. To help them escape, you need to provide some great snacks and food options.

In short, the more options that you have, the better. Things like having coffee machines instead of just having a water cooler will make your employees happy and motivated.

It's also good to upgrade your vending machine game.

5. Accessories With Personality

When it comes to your home or your fashion, chances are that you want to really stand out. But does your office manager to stand out?

Most office spaces are more or less the same. And if your space isn't visually engaging, then your workers will lose their motivation and their energy.

The trick to redecorating is to let your company personality show through. Maybe this means some quirky posters and artwork, or even creative ideas like using old doors as coffee tables.

When you're done, everyone will know that your company is one of a kind. And this will show in their work. If you're looking for office furniture? Check https://www.staples.no/

6. Add an Inspiration Board

Most successful managers have gotten very good at visualizing success. But do you regularly help your employees to do the same kind of visualization?

A great trick to doing this is to add an inspiration board. Such a board lets everyone contribute inspirational quotes and images as well as what they think success looks like.

It's subtle, but an inspiration board is the ultimate team-building activity. Once you know how everyone views success, everyone can start working towards the same goals.

7. Standing Desks

Standing desks are sweeping the nation. So, are they the real deal or just a passing fad?

While it can be a little pricy to upgrade the whole office, it turns out that standing desks are really worth it. That's because they carry several major benefits.

First, they are healthier for your employees. And it's empowering to know their boss cares about their health.

And it turns out that standing can help employees maintain energy all day and even project confidence into things like customer phone calls!

8. Separate the Break Room

Is your break room really close to the workspace? Here's our advice: try to move the break room or otherwise separate the space.

Like we said before, workers use the break room to temporarily disconnect from work. But if the break room is right by the workroom, they cannot make that disconnect.

Simply moving the break room further away can lead to happier and more motivated employees.

9. Clean Up Your Act

Sometimes, our employees aren't motivated because of the space they work in. This is especially true if that space is filled with trash.

A trashy work area actually looks very chaotic. And employees working in this environment will feel disorganized and even anxious while they work.

Hire a cleaning crew or simply kick off a cleaning initiative to make the office look shiny again. You may be surprised at how much more engaged and organized it will make your staff.

10. Make Things Fresh

One word that employees sometimes use to describe the office is "lifeless." And in many cases, this is quite true!

Office spaces without any kind of plants and flowers will look and feel both artificial and stale. And this leads to a staff who is eager to get outside and experience the great outdoors.

By bringing in some plants and flowers, you can bring the outdoors to them. And this will make a difference when it comes to productivity and accomplishment.

Small Office Ideas: The Bottom Line 

Now you know about the small office ideas that make a big difference. But do you know how else your business can succeed?

Here at Tricks Road, we specialize in helping businesses succeed. To see how we can transform the office, check out our business blog today!

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