3 Reasons the Dot Com Secrets Book is a Must Read

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, November 1, 2018
Reading books is one of the most recommended behaviors that everyone is encouraged to adapt. On average one should try to read at least a book per week. The reason as to why is that books have a lot of insights and knowledge that one can gain from them. There are those books which are packed with useful lessons about life, business, and relationships.

Dot Com Secret by Russell Brunson is a best seller which is packed with well-researched facts that any business owner needs to know if they are looking to build their online business. This is the ultimate guide for businesses who are struggling to get online traffic or conversion as the book shows you how you can achieve this.

In any business which is online, the bottom line is getting the right traffic and also being able to convert this traffic into potential customers. According to Liam Flynn Review here are the three main reasons as to why you need this book as a guide to your business success.

1. It's practical

The one thing which sets the book apart from other books which talk about how to succeed in online business is that the book is practical. This means that the tips, ideas, and solution which are presented in the book are something which can actually be achieved. This is because the author shows the reader exactly what they need to do to achieve their intended results.

The book is also filled with a practical example from his online business and how he got to try out different ideas to determine which works the best.

2. Experience

Getting advice from someone who has not tried something seems impractical and this is another reason that this book is a must-read. This is because the author is giving advice on thing is that he has tried and has worked. Brunson does not give theoretical ideas but rather he gives ideas which have been tried and tested in the market.

This comes from the fact that Brunson has worked with thousands of business and he has been able to gain a lot of experience on what works and what will not work. Brunson has created a very successful online business which makes him an expert in the ideas that he is providing in his book.

3. New Concepts

The book introduces new concepts of online business which are quite interesting to learn. These concepts include funnels and the value ladder. The book talks about how to offer people what they really want and make them more willing to pay more for it. The reason for this is because what customers are really looking for is value and the book shows business exactly how they can offer their target customers value.

The book also talks about funnels which are ways that business owners can use to reach their target customers. The book convinces the business owner who is online not to be afraid and to push the limit of their business.
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