Top Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, September 27, 2018
No doubt, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. It is in fact number #1 in image-based social media platform. And so, the more followers you have here, the better reach you will have.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers
[Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers]
But again, it is not that easy to attain the Instagram followers. But using the Instagram followers buy services you can increase the followers.

If your Instagram profile is personal then you may or may not but for the business profile, you should have some decent number of followers.

So, there are two ways-
  • Either you do something which will increase your followers quickly. This may include either sharing something valuable or promoting your account.
  • Or you can buy Instagram followers
While buying the Instagram followers is a matter of discussion and everyone have their different view on this.

The person who favors this has their points like-
  • Increase the followers which add some relevancy to the business profile
  • Later you can do gain the real and organic followers
While the people who are against buying the Instagram, followers say-
  • Followers needed to interact and share your messages with them
  • If followers are not real then the reach will be lower which won't be of any use
Now let's not get into the debate and see what are the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers. Based on the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers, you can decide whether you should buy Instagram followers or not.

Pros of buying Instagram followers

Here are some of the benefits of buying Instagram followers-

#1 You can jumpstart your account and start with realistic numbers

When you open a new Instagram account, you start with zero followers. Now if you share anything valuable also, nobody is going to see it as no one is following you. The one way is, follow others and expect others to follow back. While the other way is, buy Instagram followers so that they will be able to see your posts. And in this way, you can also expect some other organic followers.

#2 Makes profile reputable

Whenever we follow someone, at least we check their profile once!

And if the profile we are going to share doesn't have any profile, we may give a second chance to follow that account. But at the same time, if the profile has a few hundred or thousands of followers, then there is a high chance, we'll follow that account. So, buying Instagram followers will make your account realistic and reputable.

#3 People won't hesitate to do business with you

Online business is all about trust, reviews, and reputation. If the account doesn't have any followers, how your potential customer will come to know about your business. And so, gaining initial followers is necessary. This will give a positive impression to your potential customer and they won't have any hesitation of doing business with you.

#4 You'll grow faster

Reaching 1000 followers from 0 is quite hard compared to gain 10,000 followers from 1000. Because if you've 1k followers, you already have some popularity and no one will have hesitation following you. But when you have 0 or very few, you won't be reaching more people and so gaining more followers will be a little hard.

#5 Conversion of sales are more

If you're selling something through your Instagram account then due to high reputation, the conversion will be high. 84% people see online reviews and reputation before buying online. And so, you should make some good reputation online.

#6 People judge by the number

No matter how nice and quality profile you have, but still people will judge you by the number of followers you have. This is the same thing as if you are ranking higher in the search engine, you'll get the more backlinks. And so, if you've some good number of followers, growing the account will be quite faster.

Cons of buying Instagram followers

Now as you know the benefits of buying Instagram followers, let's talk about the cons of buying Instagram followers-

#1 Those are not real followers, although those looks to be

If you are buying the Instagram followers, those followers are usually not real. Majority of those followers will be fake and so, you can't expect any kind of engagement from such followers. So, although you've numbers but those are not of any real use.

#2 Risk of losing those followers

Social media especially Facebook and Twitter keep on cleaning the profiles based on their relevancy. And so, if you will buy the followers, there is always a risk that if caught in their screening, those followers will be removed. You must be hearing the news that someone's followers have been decreased by some heavy amount. So, although you pay for it but always there is a risk.

#3 cleaning become a tedious task

After some time when you'll achieve some good number of real followers, you may want to clean your list. And that time it will be difficult for you to identify who is real and who is the fake profile.

Wrapping it up!

So, we discussed almost all the aspect of the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers. Everything has their own positive and negative points and so it has too. So, depending on your need, you may decide whether to buy it or not.

Now it's your call!

Let us know what you think- should you buy or not?
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