5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, November 26, 2022
There have been so many developments when it comes to blogging. It started with sharing your personal thoughts, to money making businesses and now it can be used to find employment. A lot of employers will check out potential candidates online. This can be done on your social media platforms or even a blog. When you look at WordPress, you can find a plugin designed to help you create a resume.

5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging
[5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging]
A resume online builder is a perfect tool to use when you want to create a nurse resume that is professional and has the accepted format. A lot less thinking has to go into the structure of the resume. Using these types of resume builders is going to allow you to add information that is required and leave out those aspects that just take up space. Find the best resume builder for your needs and add your information. It’s as simple as that. There are other great ways you can use an online resume builder.

5 ways to use online resume builder in blogging

Here are the tips using which you can use online resume builder in your blogging career.

1. Widgets

When someone is visiting your blog, you can create widgets to remind them to check out your resume. This is done in an underwhelming fashion and leave control with the reader. You can hide your actual resume, but simply have a clickable icon displayed in case someone would like to hire you. It is something often missed, but it can have great potential. When you create a widget, it will automatically appear on every page. If someone is looking for resumes for nurses and your blog is about nursing, it is a perfect opportunity to add a resume.

2. Add to menu

What is great about an online resume builder on a blog is that you have full control. You decide who gets to see your resume and who doesn’t. If you would like it to be seen by as many of your blog visitors as possible, add it to the top menu. This is easily done and would work the same way as adding a new page. It’s uncomplicated, but your resume will see a lot more people if done in this way.

3. Use the guides

Every resume builder will give you some kind of guidelines and suggestions to up your chances of success. You want to be able to use these guidelines as they were created for the plugin. When you look at the tips on the plugin, you will notice a trend and these are based on success rates. Do not skip this step and at least read through some of these suggestions.

4. Include keywords

If you have been blogging for a while, you understand the power of keywords. Do not exclude these from your resume itself. You stand a better chance of having your resume found online if you include relevant keywords. I say relevant, because it is a crucial step in getting the job you want. If you look at a student nurse cover letter it’s easy to see how many medical terms are used. You can do the same with any industry. Do a keyword search for the position you would like to be hired in and include the ones that are most suited for you.

5. Bullet points

Make sure someone can easily scan over your resume and get the just of what you have to offer. Do not write large paragraphs because it is a waste of time. You can write one summary, but you want to break it down into smaller sections. Bullet points and lists are a great way to achieve this. Simply use one line per achievement and skill. It’s simple and effective. This is one of the reasons resumes have been reduced to 1-2 pages. Hiring managers no longer have time to read a 10 page resume. Keep it short and to the point.


There are great benefits in using an online resume builder in blogging. These are some ways you can improve your online resume. A lot of success awaits you when you do something right and give it the time it deserves. There is no rush in creating your online resume. Take your time and make sure you are proud of the final product.

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