5 Things You Should Know About Link Building In 2018

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, July 7, 2018
We all want our websites to rank highly in Google searches. When a website ranks high in the search engines, it makes the website to be more visible and more clients will be roped in in the process. Now, what are some of the ways you can rank highly in the search engines? Definitely link building is one of the methods one can use to achieve this. In this article, we shall examine how link building can work for you in 2018. You can find out more from Glow Serp Consulting Company.

Here are 5 things you need to know about link building in 2018:

1. What is link building?

This is one thing you need to know before you can understand the benefits of link building. Link building refers to the campaigns that website owners do so that they can get more website links connecting to their own websites. This is what is referred to as a bank link. You see, when search engines realize that your website has links coming to them, they consider this a vote of confidence. Therefore, they will rank your website higher than those that do not have links coming to them.

2. Is link building relevant in 2018?

Well, this is one of the questions that one needs to ask themselves before they can do link building. It is true to say that many marketers have stopped solely relying on link building as a way to boost their website ranking. However, as long as one has relevant links from true websites, it is a good way of building your website visibility. The only links that are punished by Google are those that exist only to boost ranks. As such, you can build good and true links from serious websites as a way to boost your own website ranking.

3. Ask for reviews to help boost your credibility

Reviews are a good way to get serious links to your website. If you can get reviews on sites such as Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp and even Site Jabber, you are sure that your credibility will be high. You can ask your clients to leave a review of your business on these sites. You can ask for a review, not necessarily a positive one. When you get reviews from credible sites as above, you can be assured your website ranking will go higher.

4. Internal Links

Internal links are important in the SEO campaign. These links go from one page to another. Most people will ignore these links but they are good when you want your visitors to dig deep into the website. You can use any good keyword phrase on the pages and link these to other web pages within the website. This helps the visitor to stay longer on your website and get to learn more about your business from the site. This will also help improve some older blog posts on the site if more visitors are sent to these pages.

5. Blog commenting brings in links to your site

You can visit the most visible and the most trusted industry blog sites and comment on them. Always use your URL as a way of commenting and this will bring in links from other visitors.it is a time-consuming process to comment on blogs. However, they can help increase traffic to your site.it also helps you to build a relationship with the owners of these blogs, hence building a long-term traffic to your website in 2018 and beyond.

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